I’ve been heavy most of my adult life. It became a real problem when “we” got pregnant a few years ago! I had all that sympathy stuff going on, along with the fat going on around my waste!!!! As my beautiful wife gained a little each month…..I gained a LOT each month. At the end she had a baby and poof like that she went back to looking normal, and I……………..well, I had a problem!! I didn’t have a baby! I just love telling that story, and my wife is soooooo sick of hearing it! However, the problem has become very serious the last couple of years. As I’ve gotten older, and my weight has continued to climb, I’ve had to deal with high blood pressure, an enlarged heart, even a stint which staved off a heart attack. The Doc said that I had very little time left before I had one, minutes according to him. Since that stint some two years ago, I’ve done a lot better heart wise. Only thing is, Mr. Diabetes came calling, or at least that is what my primary care provider, good ole Dr. A. said. I argued at first, but it wasn’t long before I began to feel the wrath of the disease.

Three years ago, I decided to check into WLS. I first went to Lubbock, some 110 miles south of my home, only to find out that my insurance would not pay for the procedure. I thought it was him, or his office, maybe was “out of network” or something like that. Some 12-14 months later upon the advice of my Cardio Doc, I went to a clinic in Amarillo, which is closer, maybe 75 miles to the east,  only to find out…..anyone want to guess…..my insurance would not cover the procedure?????? So in July, I changed my policies around to what is now my current insurance carrier. And boom all of a sudden things started to rock in Amarillo. With my new insurance carrier I was quickly given the surgery date of December 21st, 2007 and within a few weeks it was moved to December 17th. I was immediately led into dietician classes (one per month for six months), given a list of Specialists that I needed to see to gain their approval for this upcoming surgery which, I was told, is what my insurance company demanded. I did all of this right on time and one by one each Doctor signed off, so to speak, and baby I was FINISHED!!! I thought.

On the 10th of December, seven days out, no one from this doctor’s office called. I thought to myself that it was strange, because I really wasn’t sure which dang hospital to go to next week. Wasn’t I supposed to have one more office visit????? Wasn’t there suppose to be a special diet leading up to this HUGE change in my life ordeal?? I e-mailed, and I called, over and over and over and not one response. Finally I called my insurance company. The CSR that answered listened to my story very well, even asked some questions to lock in her accuracy. She then asked me to hold and warned it could take a while. It did take her about twenty minutes, and when she came back on the line she didn’t have good news. Seemed the ole Amarillo Doc fell out of goodwill with the hospital he was working with, so he toooook off leaving 19 patients just hanging out there!!! Of course I’m one of them!! How could anyone who REALLY cares, allow something like this to happen, without even making the effort to explain to those whom will be directly affected??

All things happen for a reason! Ever heard that? Well, I believe!  See after that Amarillo fiasco I said OK that’s it. God is telling me NO MAS! However my little wife was telling me….OH YEAH BIG BOY - MAS! She made me call a lady that she had talked to a few weeks earlier, a teacher in our school system who had this surgery done in July and was doing so good. Her husband had used the same Dr. some five years ago and he too has done exceptionally well. Only problem…..it is a 300 mile drive to Wichita Falls and then you’ve got to come home!!!!  However some things are just flat worth it! This wonderful Doctor has been doing bariatric surgery for 25+ years, longer than just about anyone. I instantly liked not only him, but his staff as well. So here I am today waiting for my insurance approval which could come at any time. Am I nervous? Heck no, not after all this! If the answer is no then I know for sure it wasn’t meant to be. If it is a yes, then let’s get it on!! Oh this story isn’t over not for a long shot, but I’ll close for now!




God Bless you all,

Bobby T.

Gooood grief! It is now 11:30 a.m. about 15 hours after all of the above was written and I just found out that BCBS approved me. How's that for anwered prayers!!! March 6th will be my new 2nd birthday!

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