This is a list of questions that various people have asked me with my original answer at about 10 weeks , again at about 6months, at 1 year and 6 years

> Do you have to modify the way you take meds? yes no pills larger than an M&M all others have to be broken and some other modification may be required for instance if a med is dependant on fat or oils to be absorbed
1 year: Same however several people that I communicate with who were on insulin say they have improved to the point that they now take pills instead off shots
6 Years: can take larger pills no problem - might not be the same for everyone

> Did you experience sickness or dizziness after surgery?Some nausia If so, for how long? I am still experiencing it but it is very mild and it makes me feel like I am not hungary at all
1 year: occasionally feel hungry / occasionally feel nauseous Not that bad ( sort of a reminder that food is not a friend it is a necessity )
6 years: rarely but that might not be all good

> Any unusual clotting of the blood? The key to blood clot prevention is walking as soon as possible after the surgery and then every hour or two for the first day or so they also give you medication to prevent blood clotting I know 1 person who did have blood clot problems but they still say it was the best thing they ever did for themself
> Did you have to go back in for any surgery to repair anything? No Leaks the surgeon was top of the line they do check for leaks but I had none
6 Years: I have had a hernia repaired, it was a result of WLS - but it has been repaired and I feel great
> How does your mind feel about not being able to eat the yummy foods you used to? Except for Cokes, I was not much of a sweet over- eater I was a late night over-eater so the type of foods that I now eat are simular just in a greatly reduced qty
1 year: I don't miss a thing, I still avoid sugar like the plague, however, I know several people that do tolerate sugar... I see myself living without a lot of added sugar
6 Years: Still try to avoid sugar - no desire for cokes or sweets

> Do you get upset because you could not eat tasty foods? No, I feel satisfied by the foods that I do eat and now that I am seeing results I am even more motivated
1 year: down 185 pounds and it's all good ( very motivated )
6 years: Call it accepted if you like but I don't feel deprived of flavor

> Is mal-nutrition a problem, since you can only eat a little? Yes I have to have Mal-Absorbsion tests done at 3, 6, 9 & 12 months but if you follow the directions of the doctor you will not have a problem
1 year: All test have been in the normal range, I still take chewable vitamins, B12, and calcium ( Tums etc. ) daily
6 Years: have had low B12 a few times - my fault for not taken it regularly - my symptoms included aches in my knees and feeling very tiered

> Can you give me some examples of what you might have eaten in a typical day, say a week after surgery, and also, what do you eat now? > after 1 week: 1st meal sugar free popsicle and an 8 oz glass of 2%milk ( provides fat for vitamin intake ) 2 childrens chewable vitamins 2nd meal: 6-8 oz of protien shake 3rd meal chicken broth and a sugar free jello 4th meal sugar free popsicle and a glass of watered down grape juice 5th meal protien shake blended with ice to make a frozen milk shake last meal about a cup of any thing listed above
6 months Now I still have a protien shake most mornings then I come to work and I can have a small amout of eggs or oatmeal lunch I usualy have a salad from somewhere but I can have a grilled chicken sandwich from Mc Donalds if I loose the top bun and get it without Mayonaise or soup as long as you don't see grease on the top when I get home I have a sugar free popsicle and some flat diet pop for supper I have friut ( most fuit is OK ) and lean meat ( Grilled, Broiled, or boiled. also Beef jerky ) fish or shrimp and 2 childrens chewable vitamins

1year: back to more "regular" foods I still watch the qty but I do not count calories I do pay attention to the fat grams and sugar grams
6 Years: I probably average 4 meals a day & I make it a point to not graze - if you stay in the house it is almost impossible so get out and do anything / you will get more exercise going to a movie than you would sitting on your couch with the remote

> I have a recipe book to make everything from Grilled cheese sandwiches to gourmet meals that are in the acceptable range
> A rule of thumb for where I am at now is less than 4 grams of fat and 2 grams of sugar per serving and are high in protien the challange is to find foods that meet that and have serving sizes that are about a cup you will then be full and not want any more. in 6 meals a day you will have taken in 24 grams of fat and 12 grams of sugar ( = about a third of 1 coke )
> Is the amount of food you eat increasing? not yet it depends more on how much liquid is in the food shakes and popsicles you can eat more of but that is a good thing as long as they are in the range listed above
1 year: I still pay attention to the amount I eat ( my mind game ... I have to eat again in 2 hours so a little will do just fine )
6 Years:  I eat what would probably be a "normal" meal - I supersize nothing - There is no reason to eat until you feel bad

> What about extra skin? I expect to have a lot of extra skin because I have a lot of extra skin right now there are options and most people will require surgical removal of excess skin .
1 year: go figure I was right about the extra skin, still have a little ways to go ( 40 pounds )
6 Years: with my shirt off I look like a raisen - fortunately I am older and married so it hasn't posed any problem socialy

> Is that going to be a problem? some of the folks that had it done said that it was a problem because they had a vision of this beutiful body and wearing a bikini etc. I personaly don't think I would look that good in a bikini but I am not ruling it out. When the weight is gone everything left will sag. particularly the arms and legs. I did it for the long term health benifits not to impress anyone . For me the risk of a lifetime of weight control issues seemed far worse than the risk of the surgery itself, it may not weigh out that way for everyone .
> Also...
> If you want make a small sacrifice in the begining, everyone I've talked to before and after has told me it was best decission they ever made and I concur. Take some time and search the internet for stories about people with a negative experience with Roux-en-Y gastric Bypass I could not find many, I did read dozens of success stories...
6 months It still doesn't seem possible to me because I don't really feel like I am doing anything. It takes several months from the time you talk to a surgen until you have the proceedure so keep one eye on me and use your best judgement.

1 year: I would do this again tomorrow my only regret is that this was not an option when I was 20

6 Years: I bottomed out at 230 pounds at about 2 years 3 months and almost instantly gained back 20 pounds ( within 2 months ) I hadn't changed the way I was eating so I couldn't figure it out. I have since added what I call intentional walking, meaning I walk as much as possible even if in short bursts at work - if your sitting on the couch you could be standing up dusting the lampshade - park in the back of the parking lot, it aint that far -   Still would do it again - my weight fluxuates between 245 & 255 - I feel great and  I have lead the way for five of my co-workers - all sucess stories - I sing and play in a classic rock  band "" I could have never done that before this surgery
7 years - had an ucler in my pouch and lost down to 222 been on meds for about 6 weeks now and feeling much better weight was 227 today, so I have to start watching it again...
12 years 170 pounds ( lost 282 pounds ) been having vitamin issues still getting IV drips.... need to gain about 10 pounds and I never in my life thought I would think that...:)

I just knew that I would be the one that it didn't work for, I was wrong, I have not located a single person that was not in much better shape after 1 year but the most successful folks share 2 things 1 they gave up sugar in their diet and they are in an exercise program ( even a walking in the park 3 times a week is better than nothing )
The BTC of Tx is the greatest! Dr. Leverton turned my life arround, I cannot thank them enough! Pre-op I weighed 442 pounds @11 months post -op I am at 272 ( -170 ) 16 months post-op I am at 241 ( -201 )  6 years post op 255  ( 187 ) ( I have been stable for 31/2 years and I feel great. If you are considering this option you probably already know what you need ot do. My only regret is that I didn't have this done 20 years ago!
I hope anyone researching WLS will find this helpful, it is a very personal choice that comes with huge risks & it saved my life!
Good luck and God Bless

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