19 years post-op

Apr 29, 2021

Still kicking,  life is good maintaining my weight at about 175 pounds..... had some issues with Iron/nutrients, ulcers, and have had 2 hernia repairs. 

I need another one but the doctor said there's not enough left to sew together ????

Wishing everyone much sucess in your journey 

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13 years... 160 nearly a third the man I used to be

Jun 08, 2015

first I would say that despite the issues I have this surgery was the best thing I ever did.... Had a complex surgery in the last year to fix several issues 1) repair a hernia in my diaphragm, 2) remove mesh from a previous hernia repair that had adhered to my liver, 3) remove scar tissue from all of my original scars .......This in addition to some mal-absorption   and anemia issues, I have been getting Iron infusions for a little over a yr and it has helped a lot, hoping to be off that soon.   The main reason I was seeing the dr was that I throw up nearly every time I eat, I had a huge ulcer and was treated for that still feel very sick after eating regardless of viscosity and choice of food..... any 10+'ers with similar experience out there want to hit me up with Ideas???

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12 years..... down 280 lbs

May 02, 2014

A few intestinal problems the last couple of years led to a lot of Mal-absorption of B / D / and Iron .... feeling a bit better after 8 weeks of Iron infusions and mega doses of B and D

 still have trouble eating some days - I would still do this surgery again but would definitely make sure my Dr. was keeping tabs on the blood work and to head off downward trends instead of waiting until they are low


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