why "the second time around?"

Sep 09, 2021

In about 2005, I had a Gastric Band installed.  It helped my weight loss a lot.  I started at 307 pounds, the highest I had been in my life, and I got down to a weight of 217 pounds.  This was based on hyper athleticism (riding 100 mile bike rides occasionally and 70 miles daily.)  After a couple of biking accidents, which made it so I could no longer ride, my weight ballooned to 294.  The band was no longer working, and I was so debilitated by back and joint pain, as well as the limited mobility that comes from obesity, I knew I had to take more drastic action in an effort to restore my health to a tolerable level.  

Since I had already been banded, and since my body had figured out how to fight simple caloric restriction, I decided that something more aggressive was needed.  Thus, I selected a BPD/DS surgery.  This is a little frightening, since I know that it will likely create significant "other" "issues", which I will have to manage.  Not really too worried about the mortality issue as my surgeon reports less than a 1/10th of 1% mortality rate, if I got my notes down correctly.

(Dr. Simper, Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians at St. Marks hospital).

In preparation for my surgery, to deflate my liver, and the lifestyle that follows, I have been aggressively dieting, nay, almost fasting, for the past 8 days.  What a shocking impact!  From 294 lbs to 276 lbs already, in about 8 days.  Maybe my home scale just likes me more than the hospital scale.  We'll see.

Losing this much weight by near-fasting, of course, gives me second thoughts about the surgery.  Do I really need it?  But I've been through this experience many times before - eventually, I'll get so hungry and so tempted, that I will return to eating normally, and would definitely be defeated.  So, here we go with the BPD/DS.  I hope it doesn't wreck my life!  I am, however, looking forward to less joint pain, more energy, and being able to be active again.   

If you have any advice on how to avoid the dreaded BPD/DS side effects beyond what's been posted, please let me know.  

Surgery is in 5 days....