Two Weeks Out, Life is Sweet

Sep 28, 2021

Hi fellow sincere seekers of a lower BMI!  Great news!  Today is my two-week anniversary from having my surgery.  Including the weight lost from the pre-op diet, I am now down 40 pounds! (294 to 254) I almost can't believe it, but there it is!  

From this vantage point, I can't think of anything I could have done to produce already this significant of an improvement in my health.  Already, knees, bending, flexibility, and walking are so much easier.  Life gets better every day!  If you haven't made the decision to have your surgery and get on this new life plan, please seriously consider doing it.  

Looking back at the fear and concerns that I had in making the decision, they seem kind of silly compared to the reality I am living now.  It's also very weird, that I can look at those post-op 4 oz meals, and instead of wondering "who survives on this little food?", I now wonder - "can I really get down that much food? - it looks like a LOT!  And I think I enjoy it more for some reason now than I did before.

Also down one pant size and the smaller size is actually loose now, too.