Achieved lowest adult weight in memory

Nov 23, 2021

Hi Obesity Help friends.  Sept 14th was a date that changed my life.  2 weeks prior, I started my preop 1,000 calorie a day diet, so, Sept 1st, and on November 21st, about 80 days out, I hit one of my big goals - 217 pounds, with a starting weight of 294 pounds.  Reached it 3 days earlier than goal, based on careful caloric and weight tracking and trending.  That's 77 pounds lost in total, darn near a pound a day.  These numbers are so compelling that I keep second guessing if I got my math right or not.

I haven't ever starved (post op), my energy has been good, I am starting to understand how to eat (70/30 protein veggies are key), avoid heavy protein including sashimi and beef late at night, steamed vegetables at night is my friend.  (otherwise, plan on an unpredictable BM experience 2-3 times in the early AM, which I'd rather avoid.

Hoping that I'll get this morning thing worked out as my new "system" gets worked out better.  Still hard to get 64 oz of water down every day.  Just not used to that.  Easy to take the ADAK vitamins.  I rather enjoy them.  So much more energy and mobility.  I know I'm old, but I'm starting to feel like some of my youthful vigor is coming back.

I wish this would have been my first bariatric surgery instead of my second. (got the AGB 16 years ago, and I never lost as much weight, and certainly not this fast, and I don't have 1/3 of the chronic band problems.  So glad to be rid of it.

Totally and completely recovered from severe GERD.  It just stopped the day after surgery and never came back.  No need for a ramp, even slept the other night with my feet propped up above my head due to gout.  Could have never done that before.  Life is good!

Estimating that I'll reach "Wonderland" by December 17th.  So happy, makes me want to cry.  Take care!  To a new life!!