Arrived in Wonderland!!!

Jan 12, 2022

Well, fellow DS'ers, I am so excited to report that this morning I arrived in Wonderland!  199.2 pounds, down from 294 pounds when I started, and an all-time career-high of 307 at the beginning of my first go around with a band around 2005.  With the DS, my 94.8 pound net weight loss took a mere 130 days.  Kind of shocking.  This morning, my 37-year-old athlete son mentioned "Dad, you know weigh less than me".  How weird is that?  

Noticing a lot of body dysmorphia whenever I see that unfamiliar thin man looking at me when I pass a mirror.  I don't recognize him, and my wife says that sometimes she doesn't either.  It will take a while to get used to him.  Perhaps never?

My energy is way up, my knee pain is down 85-90%, and my back NO LONGER HURTS.  After the last 20 years of constant pain, inflexibility, and pseudo immobility.  Also reduced my meds from about 11 down to about 3, while upping the vitamins.  I just don't need the meds anymore in order to stay within prescribed metrics.

Still looking to get down to that magical "normal" weight of 170 pounds, which, before seemed absurd to even consider, whereas now, it seems to be within striking distance.  Perhaps my biggest overall concern at this time is: "How do I arrest my weight loss once I get to goal weight?  I don't want to weigh any less than that. What a strange thought - I've been on the other side of the looking glass my whole life, and now I worry about weighing too little.

Overall, the diet has been a pleasure, as I don't need to eat a lot to be sated, and I really enjoy my food.  The rare craving is resolved by a cheese stick, or a handful of peanuts, then the craving goes away.  The only real difficulty is figuring out how my new "digestive system" works.  It's tricky.  If I am not thinking about what I take in, my body predictably reacts in a negative way the next AM, and sometimes even at night.  More discipline, enforced by disadvantageous bodily responses, is what seems to be the order of the day.

Check out the graph of my weight loss so far in the pics.

I'm happy.  Best of luck to you on your journey!