Likely Achieved (Healthy) Terminal Weight Loss

Apr 08, 2022

Well, fellow bariatric patients, from this vantage point, this looks like the end.  Aparently, this new current weight of 175 pounds is about where I am going to settle in, since it has been my average weight for the last 20 days.  Having busted through all initial goals (207, 199, 195) and ultimately missing my latest, "new" goal of 170, it seems time to accept this new normal and be happy with the outcome.  

175 is technically above the highest "normal" weight for my height (according to the only website I checked).  But at a BMI of 24.4, it's below the 24.9 BMI target of normal, and if correctly understood, it also represents 100% excess weight loss (EWL).  This outcome is well below the newest published "be a rectangle" guideline where the experts state that you should have a maximum waist circumference to height ratio not to exceed 1/2 of your height.  

Hence, 5'11" (71"), at a 50% ratio produces a 35" waistline target.  Well, my waistline is now 33", so I met the healthy weight standard, but missed my somewhat arbitrary goal of weighing 170 pounds.  I guess the line has to be drawn somewhere in order to avoid trending towards anorexia or uncontrolled weight loss.  This is new weight is healthy, yet oddly alien to my experience set.  (body dismorphia, anyone?) - (Do you perceive my trying to rationalize to myself why it's time to stop?) - I do!

This means:

- 119 pounds down from my immediate pre-surgery weight of 294, 7 months ago.  

- 132 pounds from my all time high of 307, 15 years ago.


Because of the BPD/DS procedure, I have been able to start eating more, and have carefully watched my diet and measured weight fluctuations in order to maintain stasis. (I was trying to very carefully manage a "soft glide path" in order to strictly avoid going under 170.)

This is the takeaway: If you are anywhere beyond 100 pounds overweight, obviously it is up to you, but for me, the BPD/DS has been a great choice.  I hope you make the one that best serves you.

Best of luck on your bariatric surgery journey and to a healthy life!