Another Surgery-13 months post op

Jan 11, 2011

It all started 4 months ago or so....pain in my upper right chest area...then it moved to my back....upper right shoulder blade.  There is where it hung around for months. I failed to see my surgeon for follow up at 9 months post op. Naughty!  I did make it to see my surgeon for my year post op visit. He was convinced without even seeing an ultrasound that I indeed had gall stones. 3 days later an ultra sound confirmed, yes, you have gall stones.  Surgery was scheduled for after the first of the year due to vacation and the holidays.

I am now 4 days post op from my gall bladder removal. I must say, I am recovering pretty quickly. I was so nervous to have surgery again after having such a traumatic experience with original my WLS doctor. Terrified would better describe my feelings before the surgery Friday morning.  My doctor assured me I would be fine and that I was in good hands. He was not kidding. I can't even compare the two surgeries to each other in any way!  Yes, gastric bypass is much more complicated, but I still have 3 incisions and they went through my belly button to remove the gall bladder. Come to find out, it was full of stones!  The surgery itself took just as long as my original gastric bypass, 45 minutes. I actually went home 2 hours after surgery.  I was a little shocked they just push you out the door, but now I think it is the absolute best way to recover. At home, in your own bed, sleeping without constant interruptions. I got up and walked around the same night because I felt like I needed to. Mind you, I was on some great pain meds. Yes, it did hurt! Not quite as bad as WLS though. Today is the first day I am switching to Tylenol for the pain and it seems to be manageable. My eating has not returned to normal yet. I can eat 1/4 of the amount of food I use to eat. Eating makes me nauseous. Anything heavy makes me nauseous. Anything sweet makes me nauseous, including unsweet tea. It kind of reminds of me eating after right after WLS......I welcome this change because I needed something to shake things up a bit for me so the scales will start moving again. It kind of puts WLS into prospective for me as well.  I am hoping over the next several months I will reach goal.

Here is too a speedy recovery!

Quick Update...8 Month Post Op, Post to Follow

Jul 28, 2010

I am close to being 8 months post op.  I was 332 lbs the morning of surgery.  I now weigh 236. I've lost 96 lbs since surgery.  Lately I have been wondering if I am done losing.  I managed to hit 90 lbs lost by 6 months, here it is two months later and I have only lost 6 more lbs.  A little frustrating, actually, it's a lot frustrating!  My goal weight is 175...that is still 60 lbs away from my very modest goal weight.  Can I really be done losing?  I have started adding protein shakes back in my program.  That helped a little, but here I am stuck again.  I am really going to give it a hard try and eat more.  It is driving me crazy trying to figure out what the heck is going on with my body.  My weight is still in the extreme obese range.  Can you tell I'm extremely frustrated!  

2 Month Post Op Update

Feb 07, 2010

I am 2 months post op today and I have lost 50 lbs since surgery.  That just totally blows my mind!  I started taking prevacid and zofran last week and my nausea is gone!  I am so happy to be feeling well.  I am still experiencing some "bathroom issues".  I am starting to feel lighter, more sexy and confident.  I can finally see the weight coming off. People are really starting to notice as well.  I would be happy if I lost only 100 lbs more.  That would put me at 180.  I am tall and carry my weight well.  I still hate protein shakes!  I have been eating lots of different protein foods-shrimp, cheese, yogurt, milk, chicken, eggs and beans.  I have tried several new fruits this past week-strawberries, pineapple and watermelon-all so yummy and tasty!  50 lbs in 2 months-I am just tickled pink!!!!  Going to post pictures soon!


Second Opinion Part 2

Feb 04, 2010

So I went to see my new WLS doctor a couple of days ago.  He was fantastic.  I met several people in the waiting room that could not say enough good things about Dr. Shieh.  He spent at least 20 full minutes with me during my appointment.  He seemed concerned and surprised about my previous Dr.'s lack of concern and follow up.  When I contact my original surgeon about the nausea again, their response was, "we don't want to see you unless you are throwing up!"  My new Dr.'s response to this, "Are you kidding? We do not want to wait until you are throwing up to figure out what is wrong.  Four weeks of nausea is not normal!" Night and day!  I am so happy I decided to be my own advocate and seek a different opinion.  New Dr. was also surprised I was only on prevacid for one month-he said 3 months is what all the research and suggestions say.  

The verdict on the nausea......not entirely sure yet.  He prescribed Zofran (my new best friend).  The nausea is next to gone while taking this. It seems to wear off a few hours before the next dose though.  When I wake up now, the nausea is not as bad.  It goes away as soon I dissolve the pill on my tongue.  YAY!  I am also starting prevacid again.  This may be contributing to the nausea.  He said, give this cocktail a try and we will see what happens.  I go back in 2 weeks for a follow up.  If the nausea does not go away, he may end up doing a scope to take a look. 

On another note, my two month surgiversary is Monday.  I can't believe it has been two months already.  I am hoping to hit the 50 lbs lost mark (50 lbs from surgery date!). Wow, I would have never thought in a million years I would have lost so much so quick. 

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Second Opinion

Feb 02, 2010

Today I am meeting with my "possible" new WLS surgeon.  My insurance has changed since my surgery and the new surgeon accepts my insurance.  I want to switch doctors for a few different reasons.  The biggest reason is my current WLS surgeon is 3 hours away-I end up driving 6 hours in one day just to see him.  The new doctor is only 15-20 minutes away. The other reasons are, I feel he offers no follow up support, does not communicate well, does not communicate with his own NUT facility (located downstairs) at all.  He does not have the time to follow up patients appropriately.  A lot of the "medical issues" that should have been followed up after surgery have been left up to me to follow up on my own.  (No blood tests, no diabetes follow up or blood pressure follow up.)  I also have been sick for 4 weeks now-nausea!  So I am seeking a second opinion about the nausea and hopefully I can get some answers.  Going to post a follow up later this evening.
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Week 7 Post Op Update

Jan 28, 2010

I am a day or two late posting because we visited the family in Wisconsin for a week.  Quick Update on my loss this week.  7 weeks out, down 4 more lbs this week,  I have lost 43 lbs since surgery.  Now I am starting to really notice finally.  My clothes are starting to hang off of me.  The trip to Wisconsin was somewhat difficult.  We visit my future in-laws and their entire family.  I DID NOT tell them about the surgery, I only told them I had hernia surgery.  They literally hounded me the entire first couple of days about what I was eating.  They had a little surprise get together for our engagement the first night we arrived and everyone wanted to know why wasn't I eating pizza like everyone else???? Why was I eating split pea soup?  Why wasn't I touching the brownies or cookies, what was wrong with me? What kind of surgery did you have again?  OH MAN.  I did not tell his family because they are very weight prejudice!  That is all they ever talk about.  I here it every time I am there about how I all need to do is workout more.  They are the last people I want to tell about my surgery, so I did not.  However, because we were staying with my future in-laws, I did breakdown and tell my mother-in-law.  She is the worst out of the group.  I explained to her I had weight loss surgery and I did not tell her because every time I speak with her on the phone all she talks about is how fat I am, blah, blah, blah.  I told her, you say things to me my own mother doesn't say, I really don't appreciate it.  I also told her, I did not want everyone else knowing about my surgery.  It is my business and I would prefer to keep it that way.  She looked a little shocked about the whole thing.  All she said, "I suspected that given all your symptoms and how you eat." Again the food police watching every thing that passes my lips.  

Eating while away was somewhat difficult, they like to eat out a lot.  Most of the places they go to only have crap food.  I managed.  

On another note, I have had nausea for 3 weeks straight now!  It is horrible.  It lasts all day long.  The surgeon said it was normal, but would NOT prescribe anything for it.  I called my PCP, she would only give me 10 days worth of meds because it could mean I was having some type of complication.  I am getting no relief from the nausea.  I spend the entire day feeling like I am going to throw up.  It really is impacting my family. I am becoming so grouchy because I am constantly sick.  Hoping this gets better soon! 


6 Week Update

Jan 19, 2010

Today has been 6 weeks since my weight loss surgery.  I have now lost 39 lbs since surgery, but I have lost a total of 50 lbs from my start of this journey.  50 lbs wow, I am finally starting to feel good about the lost weight. 

Saw my surgeon for my 6 week check up yesterday.  I swear he has a 30 second timer he sets before he walks in the room to look at your chart, ask what's up and sign a paper and breeze out.  He acts like I am bugging him if I ask a question.  I actually have been having this nausea issue for the last 2 weeks.  It starts the minute I wake up and take a sip of water and lasts until the last sip of water before bed.  He said this was normal, it will last 2-3 months. I asked for some type of anti-nausea medication, he said NO!  I also finished my prevacid (on only for one month)- I asked for a refill, he said NO! "my patients are on it for one month after surgery" he said.  WTF?  What is his deal?  I am obviously having some type of gastrointestinal distress and he could care less, suffer through it he says.  Ummmm, no, I don't think so.  I  called PCP today and hopefully she will take care of me.  

I am very grateful that my surgeon took my insurance, not many do.  But I should not be treated like an assembly line toy in return.  I can't ask questions, he makes no comments, there is really no follow up or advice being given.  He says less than 10 words when he comes into the room.  I drive 3 hours to see him and all I get is 10 words.  I am not kidding-he is in and out in under 60 seconds.  Lots of people say,"oh but he is such a great surgeon, he really gets the job done, I'd rather have a competent surgeon, than a talking BSer,".  Ok I get it, but come on.  A good surgeon is just not a skilled surgeon, a good surgeon also cares about his patients and at least takes the time to ask and answer questions. Ok ranting done!

I am doing fairly well besides the nausea.  It is so bad sometimes I do not want to drink or eat anything.  But I know that is not an option.  I am still trying to get all of my protein in.  I finally have been advanced to stage 1 of solid foods now.  I can have cold cereal with milk, diced peaches, cheese, peanut butter, crackers, melba toast and lunch meat.  

Do I regret having the surgery? Not really.  I am thrilled with the surgery? Not exactly yet.  It was a hard struggle the first 5 weeks.  Let me clarify, the surgery itself was not all that painful-the physical recovery got better every single day.  It take 3-4 weeks before I really felt ok physically.  The worst part of this process, the food.  Not being able to eat, eating to fast or not chewing enough, the nausea, the change in my taste buds and the pouch over mind  I know everything will be much better a month from now and even better 3 months from now.  It just takes time and patience. 

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One Month Out Today

Jan 07, 2010

Today is my official one month surgiversary.  I am down 34 lbs since surgery.  I was getting into this really bad habit of daily scale hopping.  I put an end to that on Monday.  Once a week now is my limit!  So today when I got on for my one month weigh in, I was so happy.  I am down 3 more lbs.  I am so happy it is unexplainable.  I just cannot believe WLS is actually working.  I have spent the last year trying and trying and got stuck for 6 months.  It was very discouraging.  I guess with WLS I was trying to be more realistic, than optimistic. After weighing in this morning, I guess the idea "this may really happen, I may really lose weight" entered my mind.  I have a huge smile on my face.

I actually am starting to feel somewhat normal again.  I have been adding soft foods in daily.  I have been very pleased with the fact my pouch has been happy with just about everything, with the exception of eggs and tuna.  I have been on a quest for the last week trying to find a protein powder I am in love with.  Confession, I have not been getting enough protein.  I cannot stand chocolate or vanilla protein drinks.  Yesterday I picked up a few different samples at the vitamin shoppe. I tried Jay Robb's Tropical Dreamsicle, OMG yummy!  No after taste at all-not chocolate or vanilla.  It was light, creamy and had an orange taste to it.  I am soooooo excited I found a protein shake I like.  I have several more samples to try and several more arriving by mail. 

Now that I am a month out, my focus is turning toward compliance.  I was compliant to the best of my ability for the first few weeks.  I have learned the most important part of working my tool, is planning.  Everything has to be planned out, including vitamins.  So now I am working hard to tweak my daily plan....meals, protein supplements, vitamins & minerals, exercise and personal me time.  

Thank you all for listening, and thank you all for your great support!
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Week #4 Update

Jan 04, 2010

Today, I sneaked a peek at the scale.  I weighed in at 301.  I am down 31 lbs in 4 weeks.  My official month surgiversary is Friday ( I will more than likely weigh in then too).  I can't believe I am down 31 lbs already.  The first week they flew off.  The next couple of weeks were your typical weight loss numbers.  As long as it continues in the right direction, I'll take it. 

I am actually going out of town in 3 weeks.  I am hoping I am down 10- 15 more lbs.  We are flying and I hate that I had to ask for a seat beat extender last time I flew.  That would also put me at 285-haven't been under 300 for over a two years. 

Here is to a fantastic start to 2010!


Stage 3 of Post Op Diet-Update

Dec 30, 2009

I had my appt with my NUT yesterday. I got to finally advance to the pureed food diet.  I cheated and had an egg the day before, thinking they were going to permit eggs.  I was so wrong.  No eggs for 3 more weeks.  After eating that egg I was in such pain and felt nausea.  The NUT told me, we do not allow eggs until you are about 7-8 weeks out due to the sulfur in the eggs.  Most people cannot tolerate early on.  OHHHHHH you learn something new everyday.  Thank God, the nausea had an explanation, because I love eggs and I am looking forward to eating them again.  I have not had any problem with tolerating certain foods to this point (except the forbidden egg).  I have not strayed from the NUT's though.  

I have been having trouble Turing to figure out what I am in the mood to eat though.  My taste buds are still a little out of whack.  Things that tasted so good before, don't taste like they use to.  At first this made me a little upset.  I really enjoyed food and how it tasted.  Combining certain foods together to get these very unique and fantastic tastes.  Adding certain wines to bring out favors, oh yum!  I wasn't a huge crap eater.  I was a quantity/quality eater.  I enjoyed the taste of food way to much.

Speaking of such, I really thought I was prepared for surgery mentally.  No matter how much you read and prepare, you really can't understand certain concepts until you experience them for yourself.  My mind and pouch went through a little battle with each other for the first two weeks after surgery.   My mind wanted everything I could not have.  I could not even be in the same room with others eating, chewing, biting crispy things.  I wanted to eat and couldn't.  All I could so do is sip, sip, sip.  The liquid diet is very limited.  Combine that with changing taste buds and you are forced to develop a new relationship with food.  My pouch and I are now getting along much better.  Unfortunately it was me who had to  I am ok with though.  I had to realize....the food was always going to be there.  Someday I will be able to eat normally.  The liquid phase and pureed phase are only temporary, but required to heal properly.  Eating after WLS is almost is like a break up with a secret lover.  Oh how I loved thee, but you were just so bad for me.  Our love affair had to end-the damages were just too high of price to pay for such little in return.

On another note, I've lost 28 lbs so far.  Not bad for 3 weeks out.  The scale has been stuck for the past week and half, but it is to be expected with such a huge loss so quick.  I am not stressing about it too bad considering 28 lbs in 3 weeks is awesome! 

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