Stage 3 of Post Op Diet-Update

Dec 30, 2009

I had my appt with my NUT yesterday. I got to finally advance to the pureed food diet.  I cheated and had an egg the day before, thinking they were going to permit eggs.  I was so wrong.  No eggs for 3 more weeks.  After eating that egg I was in such pain and felt nausea.  The NUT told me, we do not allow eggs until you are about 7-8 weeks out due to the sulfur in the eggs.  Most people cannot tolerate early on.  OHHHHHH you learn something new everyday.  Thank God, the nausea had an explanation, because I love eggs and I am looking forward to eating them again.  I have not had any problem with tolerating certain foods to this point (except the forbidden egg).  I have not strayed from the NUT's though.  

I have been having trouble Turing to figure out what I am in the mood to eat though.  My taste buds are still a little out of whack.  Things that tasted so good before, don't taste like they use to.  At first this made me a little upset.  I really enjoyed food and how it tasted.  Combining certain foods together to get these very unique and fantastic tastes.  Adding certain wines to bring out favors, oh yum!  I wasn't a huge crap eater.  I was a quantity/quality eater.  I enjoyed the taste of food way to much.

Speaking of such, I really thought I was prepared for surgery mentally.  No matter how much you read and prepare, you really can't understand certain concepts until you experience them for yourself.  My mind and pouch went through a little battle with each other for the first two weeks after surgery.   My mind wanted everything I could not have.  I could not even be in the same room with others eating, chewing, biting crispy things.  I wanted to eat and couldn't.  All I could so do is sip, sip, sip.  The liquid diet is very limited.  Combine that with changing taste buds and you are forced to develop a new relationship with food.  My pouch and I are now getting along much better.  Unfortunately it was me who had to  I am ok with though.  I had to realize....the food was always going to be there.  Someday I will be able to eat normally.  The liquid phase and pureed phase are only temporary, but required to heal properly.  Eating after WLS is almost is like a break up with a secret lover.  Oh how I loved thee, but you were just so bad for me.  Our love affair had to end-the damages were just too high of price to pay for such little in return.

On another note, I've lost 28 lbs so far.  Not bad for 3 weeks out.  The scale has been stuck for the past week and half, but it is to be expected with such a huge loss so quick.  I am not stressing about it too bad considering 28 lbs in 3 weeks is awesome! 

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