One Month Out Today

Jan 07, 2010

Today is my official one month surgiversary.  I am down 34 lbs since surgery.  I was getting into this really bad habit of daily scale hopping.  I put an end to that on Monday.  Once a week now is my limit!  So today when I got on for my one month weigh in, I was so happy.  I am down 3 more lbs.  I am so happy it is unexplainable.  I just cannot believe WLS is actually working.  I have spent the last year trying and trying and got stuck for 6 months.  It was very discouraging.  I guess with WLS I was trying to be more realistic, than optimistic. After weighing in this morning, I guess the idea "this may really happen, I may really lose weight" entered my mind.  I have a huge smile on my face.

I actually am starting to feel somewhat normal again.  I have been adding soft foods in daily.  I have been very pleased with the fact my pouch has been happy with just about everything, with the exception of eggs and tuna.  I have been on a quest for the last week trying to find a protein powder I am in love with.  Confession, I have not been getting enough protein.  I cannot stand chocolate or vanilla protein drinks.  Yesterday I picked up a few different samples at the vitamin shoppe. I tried Jay Robb's Tropical Dreamsicle, OMG yummy!  No after taste at all-not chocolate or vanilla.  It was light, creamy and had an orange taste to it.  I am soooooo excited I found a protein shake I like.  I have several more samples to try and several more arriving by mail. 

Now that I am a month out, my focus is turning toward compliance.  I was compliant to the best of my ability for the first few weeks.  I have learned the most important part of working my tool, is planning.  Everything has to be planned out, including vitamins.  So now I am working hard to tweak my daily plan....meals, protein supplements, vitamins & minerals, exercise and personal me time.  

Thank you all for listening, and thank you all for your great support!

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