Second Opinion

Feb 02, 2010

Today I am meeting with my "possible" new WLS surgeon.  My insurance has changed since my surgery and the new surgeon accepts my insurance.  I want to switch doctors for a few different reasons.  The biggest reason is my current WLS surgeon is 3 hours away-I end up driving 6 hours in one day just to see him.  The new doctor is only 15-20 minutes away. The other reasons are, I feel he offers no follow up support, does not communicate well, does not communicate with his own NUT facility (located downstairs) at all.  He does not have the time to follow up patients appropriately.  A lot of the "medical issues" that should have been followed up after surgery have been left up to me to follow up on my own.  (No blood tests, no diabetes follow up or blood pressure follow up.)  I also have been sick for 4 weeks now-nausea!  So I am seeking a second opinion about the nausea and hopefully I can get some answers.  Going to post a follow up later this evening.

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