Second Opinion Part 2

Feb 04, 2010

So I went to see my new WLS doctor a couple of days ago.  He was fantastic.  I met several people in the waiting room that could not say enough good things about Dr. Shieh.  He spent at least 20 full minutes with me during my appointment.  He seemed concerned and surprised about my previous Dr.'s lack of concern and follow up.  When I contact my original surgeon about the nausea again, their response was, "we don't want to see you unless you are throwing up!"  My new Dr.'s response to this, "Are you kidding? We do not want to wait until you are throwing up to figure out what is wrong.  Four weeks of nausea is not normal!" Night and day!  I am so happy I decided to be my own advocate and seek a different opinion.  New Dr. was also surprised I was only on prevacid for one month-he said 3 months is what all the research and suggestions say.  

The verdict on the nausea......not entirely sure yet.  He prescribed Zofran (my new best friend).  The nausea is next to gone while taking this. It seems to wear off a few hours before the next dose though.  When I wake up now, the nausea is not as bad.  It goes away as soon I dissolve the pill on my tongue.  YAY!  I am also starting prevacid again.  This may be contributing to the nausea.  He said, give this cocktail a try and we will see what happens.  I go back in 2 weeks for a follow up.  If the nausea does not go away, he may end up doing a scope to take a look. 

On another note, my two month surgiversary is Monday.  I can't believe it has been two months already.  I am hoping to hit the 50 lbs lost mark (50 lbs from surgery date!). Wow, I would have never thought in a million years I would have lost so much so quick. 


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