Talked to the New Start Bariatric Program today!

Jan 05, 2009

I sent an email to New Start (bariatric surgeon program)... this is what I said below.

Hello. My name is Lori S***. I live in Quincy, IL. I am 5'10" and I weigh around 520 pounds. I am on disability and medicare. Could I be in your program? Or am I too big and you don't take medicare? If I am, can you recommend a surgeon for me or what would I need to weigh a certain weight to be considered?

Thank you for your time!


This is how they responded....

Good Morning Lori!

Thank you for your interest in our program.  We are a Center of Excellence, and as such we do accept Medicare as a primary insurance and Medicaid as a secondary.  In so far as our weight limit, ours is 450lbs.  The reason is that our CAT scan table only holds up to that weight.  I realize that you may not need the CAT scan table during surgery, BUT if you did, that would be an issue.   If you could loose 70lbs, to get to or below 450lbs, than you could work with our program.  I realize that is a tall order, (I used to weigh 435lbs myself) I KNOW that it is somewhat easier, to take it off than to keep it off.  I also know that I could loose rapidly and gain rapidly.  I say all this to say, if perhaps your Primary Care Physician can put you on a regimen to get down to that point we can than take you on as a client.  Since it takes 2-3 months to go thru our program, you can be working on the weight loss and requirements concurrently.

We have quite a few people who have been in your situation that we have been able to assist.  I hope that this is all clear.  Do feel free to contact us at 800-245-1431.

Take care!

Coralie/New Start

So it appears that I have my work cut out for me. I also need to quit smoking. I have been working towards that goal already. I was smoking 1 1/2 packs a day and I am down to 1/2 a pack. I bought patches and gum to help when I get down to 5 cigarettes a day. I think I will be there in a week or two. I'm also slowly cutting out diet soda and switching to iced tea and Crystal Light, plus more water. In a week or so I will start my new diet. I will be starting with the first few weeks at 1800 calories, 3 to 4 weeks after that,  I will go down a 100 calories and so forth untill I get to about 1250 calories and or I have lost the 70 pounds required. I really need support right now. Nobody but me, thinks I can do it. My Mom is the only one I have told about wanting to have surgery, she is worried that I won't be able to handle it. With God's help I know I can. Pray for me please!



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