Talked with Midwest Bariatric Center

Jan 08, 2009

Well I sent an email to the Midwest Bariatric Center of Columbia, MO. I thought I might go there because they have a really good surgeon in their program. BUT they have a even smaller weight limit than New Start. They want my MBI to be 60. Or about 420 pounds.  I already knew I would have to lose weight. But I was thinking it would be 30 or 40 not over 100~!  I am starting my new diet (yuck) on Saturday. The supplies (protein shakes) I ordered should be here by then. I am going to start at about 1800 calories and 30 grams of fat for the first few weeks. The dropping my calories each month till I get to about 1200 calories. I should lose at a good rate, If I don't I will make adjustments. I can't really exercise, because of pain. Although I do have a Richard Simmons Sit Tight video, which is basically exercising while sitting down. My doctor recommends at least 20 mins of aerobic exercise everyday. I see my PCP on Friday. I will discuss the surgery with her.


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