Pre-op Work

Jul 03, 2008

Well, i had my pre-op blood work, X-rays and such on Monday. Good news is, i found out that I've already paid out of my pocket more than $1,000 this year, so with the Out of Pocket cap on my insurance, i only have to pay another $1,500 before the insurance kicks in 100 percent !

I also didn't have to do the dopplar study, cause i had had it done recently. And having no gall bladder, they didn't have to do the abdominal ultrasound.
But, the stress test was awful. The incline and speed of the treadmill, my body couldn't handle it. My left leg and hip and my back hurt so bad i was moaning in pain and thought i was going to collapse.
They stopped the machine, and decided to used chemicals to stress my heart. They made me really short of breath and tired.
But, otherwise it was ok. The only problem is that i had to go back yesterday to get second images of my heart done, at rest, and they guy who was suppose to do it never showed up!
I raised a bit of cain over it, and he finally came out and said he had me down for Thursday. It's B.S.
I had worked it out to go in early Wednesday for that, and be done before they went in and did the EGD, the scope of my stomach.
So i'm up at 6:30, at the hospital 2 hours earlier than i needed to be because of this guy.
So i'm supposed to go back for that on Monday.
As for the EGD?? the scope of the stomach, they found a polyp, which they biopsied, and found some gastritis.
I have no idea what this means in terms of my surgery, if it will mean delays, another procedure, some meds, or canceling the surgery all together.
I'm sure i'll hear from my surgeon soon.
Speaking of him, the nurses yesterday at the hospital, two of them told me they'll be in the operating room with Dr. Green, and couldn't say enough good things about him!
They said there were others in the hospital they wouldn't let touch them, but that Dr. Green is highly cautious, incredibly skilled, and someone they would trust their lives to.
Made me feel good about him.

It's a Date !!!

Jun 18, 2008

Just got it all set up today. My RNY is slated for July 21. I can hardly wait !!
I'm so excited about the kickstart this is going to give me on becoming a healthier more energized person. I've dreamed of this for years, and never thought it possible, and now it looks like its finally going to happen.
I swear, i'm so happy i'm practically in tears!

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