Disappointing News for 2010.. =(

Jan 10, 2010

What I thought would be a new start to 2010 is turning into anything but.. My patient coordinator submitted my paperwork to my insurance company on 1/6 and gave them a call.  What she was told is that although my insurance company (BCBS) covers WLS, I have an in-network plan (EPO) and the surgeon is out-of network.  When she told me this over the phone I was stunned!  When I started this process back in early May and had chosen my doctor, I provided my insurance information and she didn't mention this at that time!  I just missed the opportunity on 12/31 to change my plan with Open Enrollment on my job!! Seriously!!!???

All she could offer was for me to find a in-network surgeon and she would forward my paperwork, she said my insurance company can help with this but when I called them they weren't very helpful. I feel like I am in a stand still and extremely depressed.  I contacted my HR rep on Friday and told her my situation, she said she will see what she can do.. I don't know if I should be optimistic or not, I seem to have this cloud following me and I thought for sure it would disappear for the new year..

I told my mother and she had the nerve to say that this is a sign that  I shouldn't undergo WLS .. Gee, thanks for the support mom!  I am defeated and don't know what to do.  I've come so far only to be knocked down.  Even if things don't work out with HR, how would I find an in-network doctor that would be willing to take me on with all my tests completed with another physician.  Maybe I should be hopeful but I just can't believe this has happened.  

Well, I've shed all the tears now what?