Weight loss

Jun 20, 2009

So i just had my 6 week check up it was really 5 weeks but anyway. I dont think im loosing enough weight, for my liking anyway. The dr and NUT say im right where i should be. However my Dr is very straight forward and basically told me to stop making excuses and exercise more. She said I should be doing 30 min twice a day. I told her i am exhausted and she said too bad the more you exercise the less tired you will be. I know she is right I just have no motivation. So far I have lost 25lbs since surgery. Again I thought it would be more. I dont see it in my self even though i had to buy new clothes but everyone else sees it. I have had a little depression im not really sure what its about. I guess scared of being skinny since I have never been and I think I will always be fat in my own mind. Oh well im rambling now. later

Its been a while

Dec 14, 2008

Dec 14
well it has been a while since i have written . Nothing much has changed. im still going to the dr for my monthly weigh in jan 16th is my last weigh in then they send it to the insurance again. Last time they sent it to the insurance all they asked for was a 6 month supervised diet with my doctor. so hopefully they will approve it right away. this process has been going on for a year now and im getting very anxious. I have been loosing a little bit of weight and I have my ups and downs with exercise. I just get bored very easily with it. well i go to the dr next week for my fifth weigh in and will up date then.

Sleep Study

Mar 19, 2008

March 19
Well yesterday I had my sleep study. I really didnt want to do it at all. I dont think I have sleep apnea but I guess the DR's just want to make sure. Just as I thought I couldnt fall asleep to save my life. I guess I finally did for a little while. The technician told me that I had a little bit of shallow breathing and she would send everything to my Dr. I hope I dont have to go back for another one. Oh well just one more step closer to my goal of getting surgery. Next week I go to my Nutrition and physical therapy class.

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