Wow...where do I start? Well, I have been heavy for as long as I can remember. Although I played sports in high school and worked out everyday, nothing made me skinny like my friends. When I was 20 I decided I was getting desperate and HAD to do something. I met with Dr. Clarey and started the process of gastric by-pass. My mom and my best friend went with me as support to the meeting. After the meeting, we were all excited and decided that ALL of us would have the surgery done. My friend decided that she would go first (she was the bravest). We all made our appointments with Dr. Clarey and got the ball rolling. I was 1 month from having surgery (was approved) and found out that I was pregnant with my daughter. This was a shocking suprise considering  5 months before that my husband (at the time) and I were told that we wouldn't be able to have children without fertiliy help. So, needless to say I didn't have my surgery then. My friend and my mom did. That was in 2002. My beautiful daughter was born in Feb. of 2003 and I started the process all over again in March of that year. I was not going to waste any time. My mom and my friend had already lost huge amounts of weight and I was beginning to feel left behind. To make a long story short, on my sixth attempt to have the surgery I was approved almost immediately. I just happen to luck into a job with REALLY good insurance and had no problem getting my approval. I am sort of glad things happened the way they did because I ended up having Lap Band done instead, which to me felt like a safer option. I decided that I didn't want to become TOO skinny and Lap Band felt like a better option for me.

I dedicate this song to my husband, because no matter what I am going through, or where I am headed, he believes in me. Baby, you save me.

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