Over a year since I've posted?!?!?!?! WOW!

Jun 26, 2010

Well...here is the update then!

I am about 2 years and 2 months post Lap RNY gastric bypass.  I've lost about 130 pounds.  I was down to 119 at my lowest but had regained to about 135 (which is where my body likes to be, I think).  I am maintaining at about the mid to low 130's.  I'd rather be about 125, but I'll take it........it's better than 265!!!!!

I am still dealing with a couple of issues.  My left lower quadrant pain is still present and frustrating!  I've had numerous tests, surgeries, etc..........STILL no idea what is going on!  I've been to numerous docs...to no avail!  I go to a pain specialist later this week for a nerve block which HOPEFULLY will get rid of this pain once and for all!  My plans to run a 5k were put on hold because of the pain and I'm pretty much tired of dealing with it!!!  I've gotten back to walking and doing some Nordic walking...I figure that since I'll be in pain if I'm sitting around doing nothing or if I'm active, I might as well do SOMETHING!  I'm only getting out 4-5x/week, but it's better than nothing!  I'm hoping this nerve block will take care of the pain and I can get back to being more active WITHOUT pain!!!!

Also, this past week, I started getting some of that dreaded ulcer type pain!  At my 2 year check up, the docs thought I should try to get off the prevacid as I hadn't had an ulcer flare up in a while.  I agreed but was still kinda scared, so I went off the prescription Prevacid and just got some OTC Prevacid 24 hour.  Well, as you know, that stuff is NOT cheap.  I finally decided, last week that I should just go without it and see what happened.........well................I got an ulcer...go figure, right???    I started having a little bit of pain behind my sternum, in my pouch at the beginning of the week and by Thursday, I called my surgeon!  Michael, the PA (who is AWESOME, btw!!) called in scipts for prilosec and carafate and thought I should have another endoscopy, just to see what is going on in there.  So, I've been on the meds for a couple of days and the pain is better, but still not gone.  I have the endoscopy scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday.  Hope I get pics of those bad-boy ulcers again!  haha!  Just add another pain to my list.........no biggie!  haha!

The one GOOD thing about having ulcers is that I'm having to limit my intake due to the pain, SOOOOO....I've lost a couple of pounds!!  WOOHOO!   Hoping I can lose a couple more before my tummy feels better and I can eat again!  lol.............Sorry, I have to laugh or else I'll cry!

This is a busy time of year!  My DD is playing summer softball after a fairly successful high school season.  My DS is now and Eagle Scout and will be going away for 2 weeks in July for his Army Cadet training in KY!  My youngest DS and hubby will be going to summer camp in July too!  WOW!  It'll be an interesting summer!  Hope I am feeling better by the time all this happens!  I can't wait to go on vacation and enjoy some beach and lake time!!!

I've rambled enough for one evening, I suppose.  For those of you just beginning this process, don't let my little "issues" get you nervous or second guessing your decision!  I am kinda "weird" with all the crap that has happened to me!  BUT!!!!!!!  I WOULD not go back to my life pre-RNY for ANYTHING!  I LOVE being healthier (despite the pain) and I LOVE being a "normal" size!  It's amazing what I've put my body through and it's still hanging in there for me!  Clothes shopping is a breeze now (I can fit in size 6 or 8 pants and size med tops...........THAT is just AMAZING to me!  Knowing that I started in a 26 pants and 26 shirt!!!)   I truly LOVE being "normal" and not having to worry about fitting into a booth or breaking chairs when I sit down!  I even ride my son's dirt bike and not worry about killing the suspension on it!

I STILL thank GOD daily for bringing me to the place where I am at now!!  I would NOT be here without the support of my family, friends, and the MOST wonderful surgeon (Dr Loggins) and staff in the world!  Over 2 years post-op and I STILL go to most of the support group meetings.........If I can pass on 1 word of encouragement or say one thing that might help someone else out, it's ALL worth it!  So..........THANK YOU GOD, Dr L (and staff) and to all my friends and family!  Love you all and I hope I can be around a LOT longer..............

Just an update

Jul 18, 2009

It's been forever since I've put anything on here, so I figured it was about time.   I am 15 months out now and doing ok.  I'm maintaining between 119 and 122, for the most part.  I find that if I don't exercise or if I eat too many carbs, the weight starts creeping up and I'm not liking that!!!!!!

Medically, I've been having a bunch of issues that I should have been having BEFORE surgery, not now!  SHEESHHH!!!  

Let's see:   about 2-3 months ago, my back and my knees started bugging me.  The back has been bothering me off and on for a while, but it just got REALLY bad and I couldn't deal with it, so I decided to do something about it.  I saw my PCP and a chiropractor.  The chiro helped a little, but I never got the back where I wanted it to be, so my PCP referred me to PT.  The PT hasn't really helped either, so I'm not sure what the next step will be with my back.  I've even tried some different back supports and tummy supports as well as exercise, without any relief!  SIGH!!!!  My knees......WOW!  I never knew tendinitis could hurt so bad!  Going up and down stairs, hills, and even walking.......hurts sometimes!   The chiro and the PT have both tried different modalities as well as exercises, and nothing has really helped yet!   I think part of the problem is my jogging!  BUT......I DON'T want to stop! 

I am FINALLY to the point where I can jog for 3 miles without stopping!  I NEVER thought I'd ever be able to do that!  Granted, I don't go very fast.......but still!  THIS is MAJOR for me!!!!   If the knees and the back weren't killing me, I could probably jog further!  It's just SOOOOOOOOO  frustrating!!!!!

Another thing that totally frustrates me is that I can't get a friggin plastic surgery consult!  When I called....2 different places......and told them I couldn't afford to self pay at this time, and I don't have any rashes, of course, they kinda just blow me off and tell me that I don't meet the criteria!  I guess back pain doesn't qualify me even for a consult???   It's really pissing me off!!!!!!   I get so depressed about it some days!   I know part of my self-image is being sabotaged by this floppy gut hanging out!  Nothing I can do about it for now, I suppose!   Sigh...again!!!!!!!

The other thing I've been dealing with is this stupid left lower quadrant pain.  It gets really bad at times and I can't figure out what it is!  I can't find anything that causes it...........food, exercise, BM's or lack of them, gas, whatever!  I can't figure this out!   It got so bad one day, and lasted for 5-6 hours that I finally called my PCP to see what I should do.  She didn't have any appts, so they set me up to see an internal med doc in the same building.  She did her exam (friggin pelvic and rectal too...Lord knows why that was necessary.........I think she wanted to be sure it wasn't something to do with my ovaries or uterus!  BTW..........still haven't had my TOM since last October!!)  Anyways, she didn't find anything specific, so she diagnosed me with diverticulitis.  Hmmm....never had THAT before in my life!!!!!  She gave me 2 different antibiotics to take (but you know me.........I didn't take them.........I was afraid to flare up my ulcer again, which is under control for the time being!!  When I followed up with my PCP, she thought it was ok that I hadn't taken the meds...she agreed, better not to flare up the pouch!)  She also had me go for bloodwork.  4 tubes of blood later..........sheeshhh!   They called me with the results a couple of days later and the RN that called me said I needed to see my PCP as my liver function tests were elevated (not SERIOUSLY, but enough that I needed to be seen soon!)  Freaking me out, for sure!!!!!!!   So, this past week, I go to see my PCP.  She is concerned as the LFT's are twice as high as they were in April, when I had my annual bloodwork done (from 80 to 160, and 50 to 100...literally doubled in less than 3 months!)   Back to the lab I go!   7 tubes of blood this time!  They tested my LFT's again as well as for Hep b and c.   I won't get results until next week.   She also wants to do a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis.  Abdomen to see what my liver looks like and pelvis to figure out what is going on with this pain in my side.  She thinks it might be an ovarian cyst or maybe just some scar tissue.  She says scar tissue won't show up on the CT, but we can at least rule out a bunch of other things.  The next step after that will be a colonoscopy, just to see if I really do have diverticulitis.  OMG........just what I need.......more tests!    Thought I was supposed to be HEALTHIER now!!?!??!!!???!!   See why I get depressed sometimes?????   The last resort, if the pain is still around, is to go in and have a look around.....hhmmm.....surgery...how wonderful is that?????  Guess I'll wait and see what happens...........

Life goes on........obladi, oblada.......lalalalalala.....life goes on...........(I have NO CLUE how to spell that!!!)

What else?   Summer.......is a bummer!  Wish it would quit raining for a bit!  SHEESHH!!!   I am finally on vacation.......for the next two weeks!  Not sure I'll know what to do with myself!!!!!!!!!   The last week in July, DD and I will be driving down to MD for Nationals.  That should be fun.  Maybe even get to see the ex..WOOHOO!!!!!!   NOT!!!!!!!!!!  I do want to see the ex for a minute though.........just so I can flaunt my "skinny ass" in front of him....hahaha!!!!!!   It WILL be nice to have some girl time though........without all the friends hanging around!!!   While in MD, I'm also planning on bringing DD to the Baltimore aquarium and we HAVE to find a Trader Joes!!!!!!!!  I can't wait!!!!!!

We are going to the lake for the first time tomorrow.........kinda sad that July is half over and this is the first time we are going to the lake!  I've only worn my new bathing suit once this year......and that was just to get some sun!   I hate how I look in it, but who cares!  I just wanna get some sun and some water and have some fun! IF peeps don't like my saggy arms and thighs, then all they have to do is NOT look at me!!!!!!!!!!  So there!!!!!!!

I almost forgot!  Last week at the post-op support group, Channel 13 came in and was taping for a special they are doing on Central Maine Bariatrics and Dr Loggins practice.  I got to meet Kim Block and she interviewed a bunch of us.  It was kinda cool!  Not sure if I'll make it on TV, but watch the news the night of July 28th and see how it comes out!  Apparently, they are even going to film a surgery!  How cool is that?????   I will have to have DH record it for me as I'll be in MD with DD.........but it's ALL good!

Final thoughts.......EVEN with EVERYTHING that's going on with me right now....I would NEVER give my RNY back.....!!!!!!!!   I'd have another one done tomorrow, if I needed to!  I feel so much better.........being able to move!  Being able to reach my toes, cross my legs, live life!!!!  I STILL thank my HEAVENLY Father for allowing me to have this surgery and be successful with it (so far)!!!!!!!!!!!   I can't imagine being 260 again!!!!!  I NEVER want to know what that feels like again!!!!!!!   I also thank God for bringing Dr Loggins and his practice into my life!  I still feel that he saved my life, or at least gave me a fighting chance to take control of this life!    For that..........I will be FOREVER grateful!!!   Thank you Heavenly Father, Dr Loggins, to all my family and friends (on OH and IRL) who have helped, supported, encouraged, brow-beaten, loved me!  I love you all!

Have an AWESOME SUMMER!!!!!!!


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Since inquiring minds want to know............

Apr 16, 2009

I had my 1 year follow up with Dr Loggins and staff today.  Overall, everything went well.  All my blood work came back fine except for my ferritin level being a bit low.  But, Michael told me that I am not anemic anymore and could go off the iron, if it was bothering me at all.  If it's not bothering me, he said I could stay on it to maybe help my ferritin level. 

Dr Loggins seemed pleased enough.  He said I had done really well, gave me a hug and called me "skinny lady".  I STILL don't believe anyone when they say that to me.........I personally think he says that to ALL his patients!  haha!   He spoke with me about all this ulcer stuff (since it feels like I've developed another one this week........I tried going off the Prevacid starting last week and by Monday of this week, I was in pain again!)  So, I am back on the Prevacid for at least 6 months this time and Dr L wants me to take the carafate for a month and really get this healed up before stopping any meds again.   He said I had lost more than 100% of my excess body weight, but didn't give me an actual number.

Michael did my exam and said everything looked good, well healed, no hernias, etc.  He encouraged me to keep exercising and just doing what I'm doing, since it seems to be working for me.  We also talked a bit about plastic surgery and he said that since I've been pretty stable with my weight for a few months that I'm probably ready to start looking into this, if I am interested. He said they would do whatever they could to help me out to justify surgery, all I have to do is let them know.  That's good to know!  Unless I start getting some rashes and stuff though, it's not looking real likely that my insurance will cover anything.  Guess I'll be saving my pennies or praying to win the lottery!  ha!  yeah, right!!!

I met with Corinne too.  She asked all the routine questions about food intolerances, amount of fluids, exercise, protein, etc.  She was happy with my weight loss too.  We discussed this whole maintenance thingy.  She figured out that to maintain my current weight at my age, I can eat about 1100 calories, which is pretty average for me.  It's kinda weird to think that that's all I'm gonna eat for the rest of my life.  But, when I stop to think about it, that are quite a few days that I barely make it over 1000 calories.  She also said that if I am working out hard or running/training, my calories should go up accordingly.  She thought I was doing fine where I was at and thanked me for coming to support groups.  I think it was a good visit.  Oh yeah, we talked about getting that RMR test done and she said that CMMC does do them, but it's not called an RMR and the insurance MAY not pay for it!  So, I'm gonna make some calls and see what I can do about getting my resting metabolic rate tested just to see how many calories the "science" says I should be getting.  I'll let you all know what I find out!

Dr Loggins also gave me the consult and 1 year post-op pix.  It was quite an eye opener.  I've posted them in my pix if anyone wants to see!

So...................just keep on keeping on...........maintaining is what it's all about!!!!!!!!  WOOHOO!!!!!!!!


It's been a YEAR?????

Apr 13, 2009

WOW!  It's just amazing how quickly this year has flown by!  Last year at this time, I had finished my bowel prep and was saying goodbye/good night to the kiddos and making all the last minute preparations!  I STILL can't believe it's been a year already!

What a difference a year can make!   Yeah, I've had a few ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade where I am today for ANYTHING!!!!!!   I can deal with the occasional low blood sugar and the ulcers flaring up every once in a while in trade for being about 140 pounds lighter and being HEALTHY!  Thank you GOD!  Thank you Dr Loggins!  Without this tool, I fo sho would NOT be where I am today!

Yup........I have tons of loose skin hanging off of me!  My arms, belly, and thighs are the worst!  BUT, I can  do SO many things that I could NOT do a year ago!  I can get on the trampoline with the kiddos and not worry about hitting the ground!  I can sit in a chair at a patient's house and not worry about breaking it because of my size!  I can cross my legs!  I can buy clothes off the clearance racks at almost ANY store!  It's just amazing to me!  

Yeah.......I STILL have some issues to work through!  My mind still thinks of me being over 200 pounds!  I see myself in the mirror and in my mind's eye as that fat chick that I have been ALL my life!  When people call me skinny.......I just DON'T see it!  I can't see myself as thin!  I NEVER imagined that I could weigh under 120......and now I do (most days, haha!)   I'll figure out the mental part of all this one day!!!

I'll try to take some measurements tomorrow just to see where I'm at, but just for comparisons sake:  
Pre-op pants size: 24-26           now:  4 or 5, depending on the cut
          shirt/top size: 24-26      now:  small or medium, 6-8, depending on the cut, again
          dress size: 26, usually      now: 6-8, depending on the style
It's just amazing to me!!!!!   I still hold up my pants when I'm folding them and imagine that they belong to one of the kids because I sure don't see MY butt fitting into them!!!

Pretty much, LIFE IS GOOD!   I've had some personal issues that I've had to work through recently, but I think I'm doing better now.  Life happens, you know?   I guess I'm just not as tolerant to some of the crap that I used to deal with.  It doesn't have as much to do with surgery as it has to do with...........LIFE!  

I go for my 1 year check up on Thursday 4/16/09.  It should be interesting.  I do have a few questions for the doc and nut, such as stuff about this maintenance crap!  ha!  My body's metabolism must be really messed up!  I've found that I can eat about 1000-1100 calories and pretty much maintain my weight stable, as long as I exercise.  BUT, if I go above 1200-1300 and miss a day or two of exercise, I can gain 2-3 pounds overnight!  I know some of it is fluid, but dang!  It really sucks to see that much of a change with only a couple hundred calories added!  Like I said, I think all that yo-yo dieting for years has just messed my body up really bad!  So, I'll discuss this with doc and nut and see what insights they have for me.   I think maintaining is harder than losing at this point!  I'm sure it will get easier, but right now, it's an adjustment!   I think it also plays with your mind because you really get used to seeing that scale number going down and then it............STOPS!  You don't have that positive reinforcement anymore.  So, I have to dig a little deeper and remember all that I've learned so I can stick to the rules and keep on going where I need to go!  This stuff is HARD to do!   I had posted this in my signature, but then removed it because I didn't want to piss anyone off but:  Anyone who thinks losing weight is hard hasn't tried maintaining yet!  Sounds kinda mean, but I think you'll understand once you get to maintenance!   I think that's where I'm at right now!  

On a side note: DH really pissed me off this weekend.........(excuse my French).....he called me anorexic!!!  "All skin and bones!"   I set him straight.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I DO eat!!!!!!!  I eat A LOT at times!   AND........I GOT some muscle under this loose skin!  So there......take that!!!!!!!   I think I'm healthy........I'm just not what he's used to anymore!

Anyways..........thanks again to all my buds here on OH and IRL..........I couldn't have made it this far without ALL of your support!!!!!  To Dr Loggins and his staff.....some of the best peeps around!  Could NOT have done this without them too!  To my Heavenly Father........I NEVER would have gotten ANYWHERE without YOU!!!!!!!!  Thank you to ALL!!!!!!!!

Love and hugs to all!

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Life's a beoch..........

Apr 02, 2009

and then you die!  Isn't that the old saying?   It fits right about now!  It's been a rough coupla weeks!  I'm emotionally drained and just don't feel like dealing with anything or anyone right now!  I have NO patience!  I have NO ambition!  (Sounds like depression, maybe?  OR, PMS?  or stress much????)  I dunno!  I'm just peeved.........angry........a whole bunch of "not so good" emotions!

I apologize to all my buds here on OH!  Sorry that I've not been very supportive recently!  I'm just better off keeping my mouth shut (or my fingers from typing, as the case may be) so I won't say or type anything to piss anyone off!  So.........sorry everyone!   I'll be back once I get my personal life and emotions back on track.....       SORRY!!!!!!!       


11 months later!!!!!!!!!

Mar 15, 2009

It's SOO hard to believe it's ALREADY been 11 months since my re-birthday!  WOW!  Time flies!   I spent my surgiversary doing something that I NEVER could have done last year at this time!  I helped my brother and a good friend move!  My friend lived in a 3rd floor apartment!   I ran those flights of steps more times than I could count!  It's amazing that last year, I dreaded going to visit her because her apt was on the third floor and those steps just about killed me!  This year, I was hauling bookcases and boxes and whatever else I could lift down those stairs!  AMAZING!  We spent about 5 hours moving furniture and boxes!  I'm pretty happy that I was able to work for that long!  I counted that as my exercise for the day.....btw!  haha!

My stomach ulcer, or lack of one, seems to be doing well now.  I am still on the Prevacid, but when I saw Dr Loggins as the post-op support group last Thursday, he said I could try going off the Prevacid and see how I do.  He said I should know the warning signs if I need to go back on it.  So, I will give it a try here soon.

Weight-wise, I am pretty much maintaining.  I fluctuate between a low of 118.8 and about 122 or so.  I still weigh daily ( I know, I know.........not good!)  The fluctuations kinda drive me nutty, but I'm trying not to let them get me down.  I know my weight can vary from day to day, so I'm just weighing to keep myself in check, pretty much.  I decided not to do measurements this month as I don't think they've changed that much.  I will definitely measure and post a picture next month at my 1 year surgiversary.

The one thing that is bugging me at this point is that my mind is still craving those carbs and I've started to have some actual hunger.  It kinda bugs me because I know that I have to control what I eat and I was sure hoping that I would never feel hunger again.........yeah, right......I SHOULDA known better from all the research I had done.   It IS up to me!  I KNOW what I need to do and how I need to eat, so I'll just keep at it and control things as much as I can!!!!!!  I KNOW I can do this because I NEVER want to be where I was last year at this time!!!!!!  NEVER!!!!!!!!!!

So...........time marches on.............as do I!!!!!!!!!


Follow up telephone call.....

Feb 17, 2009

From Dr Loggins!  He called me yesterday just before 5pm as I was leaving my mom and dad's house.  He said Michael had filled him in on my call of last week and how Michael had put me back on Prevacid in case my pouchy pain was an ulcer again.  Dr Loggins explained some things to me and said he basically wants to keep me on the Prevacid for the time being (maybe 3-6months) and really get this "healed up well".  Then, he said we may try me off the Prevacid again.  He said that some RNY folks just need to stay on it, for whatever reasons.  He didn't see anything during the last endoscopy that looked like it should be causing me any problems (clips, etc) and so he didn't feel another endoscopy was needed at this time.  So, looks like I'll stay on the Prevacid for now and if I get symptoms again, they may follow up with another endoscopy......IF I get symptoms again.
Right now, pouchy is feeling pretty good again.  I get an occasional little ache, but nothing major.  Being back on the Prevacid seems to be making a difference!  Like I told Dr Loggins.......taking one pill is no big deal if it means I don't have to deal with the discomfort!  It's ALL good!   Even with the pain...........I STILL wouldn't go back and NOT have my RNY!  NOT FOR  MILLION BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Dr Loggins!!!!!!


It's ALREADY been 10 months????!!!???

Feb 15, 2009

Time flies when you're having fun right???

So, just a few updates!

I've been back on the Prevacid for a week and it feels like old grouchy pouchy is much happier!  I get some occasional soreness, but nothing like it was last week at this time.  Not sure how long I'll need to stay on the Prevacid, but I'm scared to come off it again and get an ulcer again!  Maybe the doc will let me know when I go in April for my 1 year check up?  I don't mind taking 1 little pill a day if it prevents those nasty ulcers!  EWW!!

I'm pretty much maintaining my weight at this point.  I fluctuate between 119 and 121, usually!  I have found the carb monster and grazing to be creeping up on me so I decided to make them stop this weekend!  It's been hard, but I think I'm getting back on track!  I had crept up to 124 Saturday morning and now I'm back to 120, so it's all good!  I figure that I still have 5-10 pounds of extra skin hanging off me, so I'm probably at goal or pretty close to goal at this point.  I feel pretty good, so that's all that matters, right?

I've been slacking on the gym and exercise too!  I haven't been to the gym in a couple of weeks.  Yeah, I've been doing other things, like my favorite new pastime: ice skating!  It's SOO much fun!  I hadn't been in 10-15 years before trying it last weekend at Myles' birthday party!  I've gone 4-5 times now, in less than a week!  I also went for a 5.3 mile walk/jog yesterday with weights on my arms for more of a work out!  Today, DH and DS's and I went hiking on the snow at Thorncrag for over an hour!  It was a pretty good work out, trying not to slip and fall on the ice!  This week, I am on vacation, so I'm gonna have to get to the gym a few times or find some other activities to occupy myself and the kids!  I think some more ice skating may be in order!  HEHEHE!

I took my measurements yesterday and I am down 98.75 inches since when I measured in Feb 2008!  I can imagine that it would be over 100 inches if I had measured before starting this WLS journey!  Can you imagine?? 100 inches gone??  I still can't believe it, even when I look in the mirror!   I've gone from a size 24-26 in most clothes down to a 4-6 in pants and med top!  It's just amazing!  I still tend to buy on the larger size though....I guess old habits die hard!   Another thing I still can't believe is that my undies have gone from size 10 down to size 5!  That's HALF!  haha!  Pretty funny, if you ask me!

I guess that's all for updates for now!  Hope everyone else is doing well!  (I'm speaking Tues night at the pre-op support group.  How stupid am I for saying that I'd do this!?!?!?  I'm really nervous!!!!!  If you wanna come to lend me some moral support, I'll take it!)

COME ON SPRING!!!!!!!!!!


Here we go again???

Feb 08, 2009

I've been feeling better with the low blood sugars.  I'm still checking it at least twice a day and again when I don't feel quite right. I haven't really changed the way I am eating or what I am eating, but the blood sugars seem to be doing ok!  Go figure, right?

I haven't been going to the gym much, but I HAVE been exercising;  Wii fit, jogging outside, shoveling, and now.........ICE SKATING!  WOOHOO!  What fun!  The boys and I even found some skates at Salvation Army!  They aren't perfect, but good enough for what we do!  It's fun!!!!!!

Last night, I ate some True North Peanut Clusters as a snack at about 630pm.  At around 740-8pm, I started feeling REALLY bad!!!!  Guess I had my version of dumping and ended up in bed at 815!  I had a VERY restless night, needless to say!  I never vomited or had bowel issues, just felt really bad for a while!

During this episode, my pouchy started "aching" and I figured it was because the peanut clusters didn't agree with me.  I figured I'd wake up today and feel fine.  Well, guess what??  NOT!   My pouch is still kinda achy today.  It feels like it did when I've had my ulcers in the past.  Maybe it's just irritated from last night??  I've been watching what I eat today and it's still pretty achy.  If it doesn't pass by tomorrow, I'll call the doc.  I've been off the prevacid for a few weeks now and I really wonder if I might need to stay on it??!!??  I guess I'll find out if it's not better by tomorrow.  Hopefully it WILL be!!!!!!  

I have my 10 month surgiversary in about 6 days, so I'll post an update at that point!  Hope everyone is well!


I'm so peeved!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!

Jan 21, 2009

Here I go again complaining!  I know there are people on here with MUCH bigger issues than me and yet, I come on here and complain again!!!!!!!!!

It's almost midnight and I'm awake.......again..........because of low blood sugar!  (So, let's see......that makes it: Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday night that I've dropped this week!!)  The nut told me to add more complex carbs to my diet, especially my evening snack, so I wouldn't drop at night. So, I did, tonight, and still, I sit here trying to get my sugar up from 44!!   I'm pretty much tired of this crap!  Why is it that my blood sugar is FINE during the day but bottoms out so early at night????   I eat a good supper with lots of protein and good carbs.  I have a decent snack between 8-9.  Get all my fluids and vitamins taken during the day and still............dizzy, sweaty, shaky, yucky low blood sugar!  It's TOTALLY crazy!!!!!!!

Sorry to whine...........I just have to "let it out" somewhere!!!!!!!  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!  Let me go try this sleeping thing again and see if my blood sugar cooperates this time!  WOOHOO!!!!!!!  I'm up to 60 now!!!!!

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