It's ALREADY been 10 months????!!!???

Feb 15, 2009

Time flies when you're having fun right???

So, just a few updates!

I've been back on the Prevacid for a week and it feels like old grouchy pouchy is much happier!  I get some occasional soreness, but nothing like it was last week at this time.  Not sure how long I'll need to stay on the Prevacid, but I'm scared to come off it again and get an ulcer again!  Maybe the doc will let me know when I go in April for my 1 year check up?  I don't mind taking 1 little pill a day if it prevents those nasty ulcers!  EWW!!

I'm pretty much maintaining my weight at this point.  I fluctuate between 119 and 121, usually!  I have found the carb monster and grazing to be creeping up on me so I decided to make them stop this weekend!  It's been hard, but I think I'm getting back on track!  I had crept up to 124 Saturday morning and now I'm back to 120, so it's all good!  I figure that I still have 5-10 pounds of extra skin hanging off me, so I'm probably at goal or pretty close to goal at this point.  I feel pretty good, so that's all that matters, right?

I've been slacking on the gym and exercise too!  I haven't been to the gym in a couple of weeks.  Yeah, I've been doing other things, like my favorite new pastime: ice skating!  It's SOO much fun!  I hadn't been in 10-15 years before trying it last weekend at Myles' birthday party!  I've gone 4-5 times now, in less than a week!  I also went for a 5.3 mile walk/jog yesterday with weights on my arms for more of a work out!  Today, DH and DS's and I went hiking on the snow at Thorncrag for over an hour!  It was a pretty good work out, trying not to slip and fall on the ice!  This week, I am on vacation, so I'm gonna have to get to the gym a few times or find some other activities to occupy myself and the kids!  I think some more ice skating may be in order!  HEHEHE!

I took my measurements yesterday and I am down 98.75 inches since when I measured in Feb 2008!  I can imagine that it would be over 100 inches if I had measured before starting this WLS journey!  Can you imagine?? 100 inches gone??  I still can't believe it, even when I look in the mirror!   I've gone from a size 24-26 in most clothes down to a 4-6 in pants and med top!  It's just amazing!  I still tend to buy on the larger size though....I guess old habits die hard!   Another thing I still can't believe is that my undies have gone from size 10 down to size 5!  That's HALF!  haha!  Pretty funny, if you ask me!

I guess that's all for updates for now!  Hope everyone else is doing well!  (I'm speaking Tues night at the pre-op support group.  How stupid am I for saying that I'd do this!?!?!?  I'm really nervous!!!!!  If you wanna come to lend me some moral support, I'll take it!)

COME ON SPRING!!!!!!!!!!


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