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Jul 18, 2009

It's been forever since I've put anything on here, so I figured it was about time.   I am 15 months out now and doing ok.  I'm maintaining between 119 and 122, for the most part.  I find that if I don't exercise or if I eat too many carbs, the weight starts creeping up and I'm not liking that!!!!!!

Medically, I've been having a bunch of issues that I should have been having BEFORE surgery, not now!  SHEESHHH!!!  

Let's see:   about 2-3 months ago, my back and my knees started bugging me.  The back has been bothering me off and on for a while, but it just got REALLY bad and I couldn't deal with it, so I decided to do something about it.  I saw my PCP and a chiropractor.  The chiro helped a little, but I never got the back where I wanted it to be, so my PCP referred me to PT.  The PT hasn't really helped either, so I'm not sure what the next step will be with my back.  I've even tried some different back supports and tummy supports as well as exercise, without any relief!  SIGH!!!!  My knees......WOW!  I never knew tendinitis could hurt so bad!  Going up and down stairs, hills, and even walking.......hurts sometimes!   The chiro and the PT have both tried different modalities as well as exercises, and nothing has really helped yet!   I think part of the problem is my jogging!  BUT......I DON'T want to stop! 

I am FINALLY to the point where I can jog for 3 miles without stopping!  I NEVER thought I'd ever be able to do that!  Granted, I don't go very fast.......but still!  THIS is MAJOR for me!!!!   If the knees and the back weren't killing me, I could probably jog further!  It's just SOOOOOOOOO  frustrating!!!!!

Another thing that totally frustrates me is that I can't get a friggin plastic surgery consult!  When I called....2 different places......and told them I couldn't afford to self pay at this time, and I don't have any rashes, of course, they kinda just blow me off and tell me that I don't meet the criteria!  I guess back pain doesn't qualify me even for a consult???   It's really pissing me off!!!!!!   I get so depressed about it some days!   I know part of my self-image is being sabotaged by this floppy gut hanging out!  Nothing I can do about it for now, I suppose!   Sigh...again!!!!!!!

The other thing I've been dealing with is this stupid left lower quadrant pain.  It gets really bad at times and I can't figure out what it is!  I can't find anything that causes it...........food, exercise, BM's or lack of them, gas, whatever!  I can't figure this out!   It got so bad one day, and lasted for 5-6 hours that I finally called my PCP to see what I should do.  She didn't have any appts, so they set me up to see an internal med doc in the same building.  She did her exam (friggin pelvic and rectal too...Lord knows why that was necessary.........I think she wanted to be sure it wasn't something to do with my ovaries or uterus!  BTW..........still haven't had my TOM since last October!!)  Anyways, she didn't find anything specific, so she diagnosed me with diverticulitis.  Hmmm....never had THAT before in my life!!!!!  She gave me 2 different antibiotics to take (but you know me.........I didn't take them.........I was afraid to flare up my ulcer again, which is under control for the time being!!  When I followed up with my PCP, she thought it was ok that I hadn't taken the meds...she agreed, better not to flare up the pouch!)  She also had me go for bloodwork.  4 tubes of blood later..........sheeshhh!   They called me with the results a couple of days later and the RN that called me said I needed to see my PCP as my liver function tests were elevated (not SERIOUSLY, but enough that I needed to be seen soon!)  Freaking me out, for sure!!!!!!!   So, this past week, I go to see my PCP.  She is concerned as the LFT's are twice as high as they were in April, when I had my annual bloodwork done (from 80 to 160, and 50 to 100...literally doubled in less than 3 months!)   Back to the lab I go!   7 tubes of blood this time!  They tested my LFT's again as well as for Hep b and c.   I won't get results until next week.   She also wants to do a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis.  Abdomen to see what my liver looks like and pelvis to figure out what is going on with this pain in my side.  She thinks it might be an ovarian cyst or maybe just some scar tissue.  She says scar tissue won't show up on the CT, but we can at least rule out a bunch of other things.  The next step after that will be a colonoscopy, just to see if I really do have diverticulitis.  OMG........just what I need.......more tests!    Thought I was supposed to be HEALTHIER now!!?!??!!!???!!   See why I get depressed sometimes?????   The last resort, if the pain is still around, is to go in and have a look around.....hhmmm.....surgery...how wonderful is that?????  Guess I'll wait and see what happens...........

Life goes on........obladi, oblada.......lalalalalala.....life goes on...........(I have NO CLUE how to spell that!!!)

What else?   Summer.......is a bummer!  Wish it would quit raining for a bit!  SHEESHH!!!   I am finally on vacation.......for the next two weeks!  Not sure I'll know what to do with myself!!!!!!!!!   The last week in July, DD and I will be driving down to MD for Nationals.  That should be fun.  Maybe even get to see the ex..WOOHOO!!!!!!   NOT!!!!!!!!!!  I do want to see the ex for a minute though.........just so I can flaunt my "skinny ass" in front of him....hahaha!!!!!!   It WILL be nice to have some girl time though........without all the friends hanging around!!!   While in MD, I'm also planning on bringing DD to the Baltimore aquarium and we HAVE to find a Trader Joes!!!!!!!!  I can't wait!!!!!!

We are going to the lake for the first time tomorrow.........kinda sad that July is half over and this is the first time we are going to the lake!  I've only worn my new bathing suit once this year......and that was just to get some sun!   I hate how I look in it, but who cares!  I just wanna get some sun and some water and have some fun! IF peeps don't like my saggy arms and thighs, then all they have to do is NOT look at me!!!!!!!!!!  So there!!!!!!!

I almost forgot!  Last week at the post-op support group, Channel 13 came in and was taping for a special they are doing on Central Maine Bariatrics and Dr Loggins practice.  I got to meet Kim Block and she interviewed a bunch of us.  It was kinda cool!  Not sure if I'll make it on TV, but watch the news the night of July 28th and see how it comes out!  Apparently, they are even going to film a surgery!  How cool is that?????   I will have to have DH record it for me as I'll be in MD with DD.........but it's ALL good!

Final thoughts.......EVEN with EVERYTHING that's going on with me right now....I would NEVER give my RNY back.....!!!!!!!!   I'd have another one done tomorrow, if I needed to!  I feel so much better.........being able to move!  Being able to reach my toes, cross my legs, live life!!!!  I STILL thank my HEAVENLY Father for allowing me to have this surgery and be successful with it (so far)!!!!!!!!!!!   I can't imagine being 260 again!!!!!  I NEVER want to know what that feels like again!!!!!!!   I also thank God for bringing Dr Loggins and his practice into my life!  I still feel that he saved my life, or at least gave me a fighting chance to take control of this life!    For that..........I will be FOREVER grateful!!!   Thank you Heavenly Father, Dr Loggins, to all my family and friends (on OH and IRL) who have helped, supported, encouraged, brow-beaten, loved me!  I love you all!

Have an AWESOME SUMMER!!!!!!!


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