Over a year since I've posted?!?!?!?! WOW!

Jun 26, 2010

Well...here is the update then!

I am about 2 years and 2 months post Lap RNY gastric bypass.  I've lost about 130 pounds.  I was down to 119 at my lowest but had regained to about 135 (which is where my body likes to be, I think).  I am maintaining at about the mid to low 130's.  I'd rather be about 125, but I'll take it........it's better than 265!!!!!

I am still dealing with a couple of issues.  My left lower quadrant pain is still present and frustrating!  I've had numerous tests, surgeries, etc..........STILL no idea what is going on!  I've been to numerous docs...to no avail!  I go to a pain specialist later this week for a nerve block which HOPEFULLY will get rid of this pain once and for all!  My plans to run a 5k were put on hold because of the pain and I'm pretty much tired of dealing with it!!!  I've gotten back to walking and doing some Nordic walking...I figure that since I'll be in pain if I'm sitting around doing nothing or if I'm active, I might as well do SOMETHING!  I'm only getting out 4-5x/week, but it's better than nothing!  I'm hoping this nerve block will take care of the pain and I can get back to being more active WITHOUT pain!!!!

Also, this past week, I started getting some of that dreaded ulcer type pain!  At my 2 year check up, the docs thought I should try to get off the prevacid as I hadn't had an ulcer flare up in a while.  I agreed but was still kinda scared, so I went off the prescription Prevacid and just got some OTC Prevacid 24 hour.  Well, as you know, that stuff is NOT cheap.  I finally decided, last week that I should just go without it and see what happened.........well................I got an ulcer...go figure, right???    I started having a little bit of pain behind my sternum, in my pouch at the beginning of the week and by Thursday, I called my surgeon!  Michael, the PA (who is AWESOME, btw!!) called in scipts for prilosec and carafate and thought I should have another endoscopy, just to see what is going on in there.  So, I've been on the meds for a couple of days and the pain is better, but still not gone.  I have the endoscopy scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday.  Hope I get pics of those bad-boy ulcers again!  haha!  Just add another pain to my list.........no biggie!  haha!

The one GOOD thing about having ulcers is that I'm having to limit my intake due to the pain, SOOOOO....I've lost a couple of pounds!!  WOOHOO!   Hoping I can lose a couple more before my tummy feels better and I can eat again!  lol.............Sorry, I have to laugh or else I'll cry!

This is a busy time of year!  My DD is playing summer softball after a fairly successful high school season.  My DS is now and Eagle Scout and will be going away for 2 weeks in July for his Army Cadet training in KY!  My youngest DS and hubby will be going to summer camp in July too!  WOW!  It'll be an interesting summer!  Hope I am feeling better by the time all this happens!  I can't wait to go on vacation and enjoy some beach and lake time!!!

I've rambled enough for one evening, I suppose.  For those of you just beginning this process, don't let my little "issues" get you nervous or second guessing your decision!  I am kinda "weird" with all the crap that has happened to me!  BUT!!!!!!!  I WOULD not go back to my life pre-RNY for ANYTHING!  I LOVE being healthier (despite the pain) and I LOVE being a "normal" size!  It's amazing what I've put my body through and it's still hanging in there for me!  Clothes shopping is a breeze now (I can fit in size 6 or 8 pants and size med tops...........THAT is just AMAZING to me!  Knowing that I started in a 26 pants and 26 shirt!!!)   I truly LOVE being "normal" and not having to worry about fitting into a booth or breaking chairs when I sit down!  I even ride my son's dirt bike and not worry about killing the suspension on it!

I STILL thank GOD daily for bringing me to the place where I am at now!!  I would NOT be here without the support of my family, friends, and the MOST wonderful surgeon (Dr Loggins) and staff in the world!  Over 2 years post-op and I STILL go to most of the support group meetings.........If I can pass on 1 word of encouragement or say one thing that might help someone else out, it's ALL worth it!  So..........THANK YOU GOD, Dr L (and staff) and to all my friends and family!  Love you all and I hope I can be around a LOT longer..............


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