Day 4-6 ....All Progress

Jul 16, 2016

Wow I can sure say that with each day...things are getting better and better.  Day 4 was the day I checked out fo the hospital and came home.  Litlle tired, tough to drink the 4 oz per hour and only got down 1 SlimFast 20g protein shake.  Had a headache and thought the throat soreness was either coming back or I caught a cold on my last day in hospital.  But after a late afternoon nap, headache went away.  Slept like a baby that night.  No pain....LUCKY....just took one sip of Tylenol Liquid just in case.

Day 5 began good and got better as it wnet along.  Had water and sip sip sip sip...got tired of sipping and called my sister who had had a gastric bypass 5 years ago.  She said she had sipped a long time after hers.  BUT all of a sudden mid-day I pushed beyond a sip into about 1/2 teaspoon and ...voila...no problem.  Was able to get to 5-6 oz in an hour of anythng clear...water, Dietr Snapple, etc.  SlimFast was still too thick for much per swallow.  Only had 1 SlimFast and then Helen gave me the best treat of the week....a sugar-free popsicle.  GREAT.  Walked outside with rollator.  Did very well and felt real good.  No sorenes in the largest incision where the stomach was removed.  All incisions look great; no bruising.  Dr. Oliak is a master carpenter for sure!

Day 6 Friday was even better.  Woke up and did 1 hour stretching in bed that limbered up in all muscles and bones then did another hour standing and supporting on the dresser in the bedroom.  After 2 hours, really felt like sitting and watching nesw for a while.  But whole body felt as good as it had been last week when I was aqua aerobics in the pool for a few hours.  Looking forward to getting back in a pool maybe next week but this was so good today.  Had plenty of liquids; probably 64 oz today....coffee, broth, can of V* (sucked cause it was low sodium; gonna add some pepper or salt to make it more enjotable, 2 SlimFasts working up to may target 3.5 per day, also had a sugar free lime jello, 1 popsicle and some iced tea.  Funny some bloggers had said they had to have room temp but I can have cold or hot and no problem.

Oh yeah, not to be too graphic, but had a movement for first time in 6 days and AOK overall....just for those who wondered.

So heading into 2nd week with a great feeling and a very positive attitude.  No pain...no pain meds...just two meds for slightly high blod pressure.  Blood sugar is staedy and good at 125.

Now looking to walk more and start some Wii Fit Plus video work in living room to get some more aerobics going. 

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