5 weeks out and maybe I'm going to live?

Jan 28, 2010

It's now been 5 weeks and in the last few days I've noticed that the suture line no longer hurts all the time, but it still tweaks now and then.  I think that'll go away eventually, too, I just have to be patient.

The nausea is a bit more under control as long as I religiously take the prescription prevacid in the morning and evening.  I'm still sleeping on the couch, though, because I can't lie down in the bed without the acid reflux making me get back up in a few minutes.  Baby steps, right? 

I actually have started feeling like I'm going to turn the corner with this and start getting better.  Of course, it probably helps that I no longer have a rampant bladder infection and I'm over the stomach flu that plagued me earlier this week.  Not to mention that I found a protein that I can handle, although it's probably not one that I'm supposed to have because it's not sugar free.  However that may be, it *is* protein and I *can* get it down and that can't be completely bad for me.  It's Odawalla Protein Monster, it's soy, and it's chocolate.  It is kinda on the thick side though, so I suggest cutting it with unsweetened soy milk or with lots of crushed ice.

I still don't feel great, though, and I have to admit that it had me worried because everyone on the board who has had this surgery seems to have done so much better than what I'm doing.  Then I found a couple of people who actually said they had just as hard of a time on other boards and I felt that maybe I wasn't as much of a loser as I thought I was.  

The newest thing to address is the cyst on my left ovary.  Apparently it's the size of a cricket ball.  I didn't even know I had one until Dr S told me that it was there after surgery.  It's a 'complex' cyst, so I think I'm probably looking at another surgery down the road.  I went in today to have an ultrasound and I'll see the OB/GYN right after my next surgeon's visit on Feb 4th. 

At this point, I'm just wondering if there's an end to all this health stuff as I'm so tired of being sick and tired. 

Oh well, tomorrow's a new day and each day that I wake up on this side of the grass is a good day :)

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