What is going where, And when will I see it!

Jun 22, 2011

I know people keep saying that the weight will come off and stalls are going to happen. I just didn't realize how it can happen so fast and stay sooo long. I went for my 4 week check up and they said I had lost 22lbs since surgery. I can't see where or feel where... and I feel like I am stuck! I am having problems getting protein down and the liquids, and my NUT said this could be the reason for the stall. Even tho she didnt think I was doing bad for 4 weeks. It was my doc who said I could be losing faster. So I don't know.. I just hope this all goes away like it's supposed to. And I have a positive attitude... I think it's just the evil scales that are getting me down!! Anyways... I will "just keep swimming, just keep swimming"


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