I guess this is the start of my journey.  I have been thinking about having this surgery for the last 2 years.  When I finally got serious and found out that my insurance does not cover it I was so discouraged and just kind of forgot about it.  A few month later I starting searching for insurance companies who do cover it.  I found out that people who had Aetna insurance had a good chance of being approved for this surgery.  I dont have that opportunity to switch carriers but I just found out that my husband does, so October is open enrollment month and we just switched to Aetna...so I am so hoping in January when the insurance takes over that I will be on my way to surgery and new life.  I have read and read and researched and have read some wonderful stories, and a few bad, but I am so ready for this.  A few year ago I joined curves and went 4 time a week and did all of the things I was suppose to do and then I developed planter falicatia (sp) in my heel and it was and still is miserable..there went my excersizing, even my normal walking was so painful.  I have since recevied shots in my foot that help it some. I miss doing things I use to do. I have an active husband and five grandchildren who love to play.  I want to be a part of all that

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