1 month check up with dr.jiser!

Nov 12, 2010

hello all i know i have not been updating like i should.... i have been really busy with work and just life in general! well i started going to the gym last week so i have been going for 2 week straight so far and boy does it feel good! i am trying to tone up all my floppy spots!lol well today i went in for my 1 month apt and i met with the doctor and i am at 225 pounds witch is a loss of 34 pounds since surgery~! job well done!lol i still need about 65 more pounds to get to my goal wieght of 155 pounds!  well i think i have gone tru this so far with out any regrets....  in the past couple of weks ago i was having difficulty with foods .... they were getting stuck and i would have to go and , but i have found out what it was .. it was becasue i was eatting to fast and not chewing well enough!  i have 3 foods so far that i can not tolerate yet... eggs, steak, and salad..... do not do well with these so i have them on hold for a while~! well that is my update today for my 1 month check up!


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