4 months out update

Jan 27, 2011

hello all my dear oh friends... i am 4 months out today and i am down 75 pounds in all... i am currently wieghing in at 193 as of today.... i am feeling soooooo good! words can not describe how i feel.... i wish that i would have done this so long ago... i am doing much better with eatting... i know that i have to stay away from any thing that has alot of oil in it.... i dump (not  good) but good in a way becasue that is the stuff that made me fatt in the first place... i have tried mc donalds and burger king and wendys and all three failed me... i dumped on all 3 of them... i am happy in a way...! i dont trow up much any more and i have a nice schedule down for eatting... my pouchy loves chicken on the barbie...... it does very well with it and also shrimp and salmon and haddock and some steak...if i chew it well....! i have tried rice and i can eat it but i can only do 2-3 teaspoons and i have had enough... but i think that that is all i need ... i do crave chocolate once in a while so i have a half of a sack size piece and my craving is satisfied! i feel that i am controling the food now and not the food controling me.. it is a great feeling to be able to cross my legs when ever i sit or when ever i am at a restaurant table ... i go to the gym twice a day... and i am losing alot of inches . i was at a stall for about 3 weeks and then it just sarted moving again! thank god .. it was driving me crazy... i want to lose about 25-30 more to get to my goal wieght of 160lbs!   till next time take care and god bless!   i love my RNY!<3


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