Hi! I have decided I can no longer jeopardize the future of my children. Not to mention I'm tired of carrying around two people. I used to be so disciplined with taking my lunch to work, enjoying healthy snacks, and working out daily. I lose, I gain. You know the cycle.  I can't tell you how many times I have joined weight loss programs - online and in person and purchased diet products and information. With the money that I've spent on those alone plus gym memberships, diet pills, shots, patches - I probably could have not only had weight loss surgery, but paid for it out of my pocket! 

I remember attending a meeting with my mom at age 12 and shopping in the Pretty Plus department. I never wanted to dress out in PE because I hated to wear shorts. (I still don't wear them!)  Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis  run deep in my family. My father died at age 57 and his brother died less than a year later at 56. Both of my grandfathers had heart attacks and passed away.

I want to be here to enjoy my children. I want to go to amusement parks and be able to actually fit on the rides or travel with my job and not be embarrassed by pulling the seat belt on the airplane so tight that it hurts. I want to be able to walk and my knees and feet not hurt. I have thought about weight loss surgery for quite some time, but decided to take action in May. I completed all of my requirements before I even went to see the surgeon.  So, I'm along on this brand new journey to a brand new me!

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Huntsville, AL
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May 22, 2008
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