I can't wait to be thin and healthy. To ride my bike to the store without having to bitch the whole way because I'm uncomfortable. To walk into any dept. store and not have to worry if they carry a 2x. I don't want dun-laps anymore! You know...where your belly done lapped over your pants.  No more back fat. No more I say!!! I want to hike with my hubby and spoon on the couch. I want all those positions we had when we started dating. Back when I was a bit more flexible

So together with my home support group of family and friends pushing me forward, I'm taking back my life.

I've always been the big girl. It's a familiar story I'm sure. I lost some weight in high school and actually got quite thin and healthy (124), but started birthcontrol pills. I wasn't responsible enough for the pill, so I started Depo. The shot was a god send until the weight started pouring ON. Almost 60 lbs in a year. So then the good doctor put me on PHEN-PHEN.  It's been up and down ever since. But sadly, more ups than downs. South Beach, Atkins, low carb-no carb, aerobics, nutritionist, Weight Watchers and a happy marriage has brought me up to a pleasantly plump 284. Now it's time to take back my body and my life.

Update: Baby girl in 2012, gall bladder removal 2015, Diagnosed with slip- lab band removed 2015. ALL WEIGHT REGAINED! 

July 2016- revision to VSG



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