How I exercised this weekend- 226

Aug 15, 2011

This weekend I did an 8 bridge pedal with 20,000 other bike crazies through Portland Oregon; the city of bridges that I currently call home.

We got lost going to the starting line so we tacked on 6 miles to the start of this fun ride plus one bridge crossing right from the start. We got going and all was well till bridge #8. We were supposed to be on the 10 bridge route but a flag volunteer sent us the wrong way so we ended up at the finish line a bit sooner than we were supposed to. My husband and friends were a little bummed. I however was elated. Seriously, it was like a prayer had been answered. The ride we ended up doing was 27 miles and then the 5 miles home (another bridge) with a small 1 mile detour... add it up. Yea, my booty was getting cranky. I had one little asthma attack and thankfully had my inhaler. I got a few muscle cramps in my calves. But most of the time I was all smiles. I could NEVER have done this 3 years ago. NO WAY! But I did this year.

I about gave up a few times. My self doubt was creeping in and I was so fatigued. My husband and friends reminded me that I could do it. They always push me so much further than I think I can go. It was hard and it hurt. Oh god it hurts today!!! Ibuprofen, water and relaxation are the only things on my agenda for the rest of the afternoon.

Anyway. I just wanted to show you what one bandster who loathes "exercise" does for movement.
The first pic is me trying to look tough. Pre ride and full of smiles. Look at those guns!! Ignore the fools I'm standing with.

BTW- the guy in the pics wearing the orange helmet with gumby glued to it is my husband. He's naturally a skinny jerk. When I found him, he was all of 124lbs. He's a healthy 155 now days and knows what a vegetable is. John the guy in the red shirt is not naturally thin. 5 years ago John was 320lbs. He is now a marathon runner and works very very hard to maintain his weight loss by running, biking and doing the insanity workouts. Oh and two years ago he became a vegetarian. His wife in the other pink shirt has been a 115 lbs since grade school. She's been vegetarian for 12 years and I am literally twice the woman she is. Makes you think...


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