3 year perspective

Nov 01, 2011

I just wanted to share a little revelation. This Halloween I pulled my wedding dress out so I could see the back of the train and how it was bustled. On a whim I tried it on. Keep in mind, that I married 10 years ago. My weight when I was married is still a 40 lb loss in the future. I’ve got a ways to go.  Well you would not believe, but that dress fit better today than it did then. My stomach is so much slimmer than it was back then. My back fat is pretty much gone. My hubby even commented that he was shocked how good it looked. And then a tear welled up because he said I look more beautiful now than the day he met me. WOW! Yes, I know, He’s a keeper. And to think that I have been so fixated on the stupid numbers on the scale. I have lusted after that wretched #199 for so long that I forgot to look and realize how much healthier I am. Back then, I could never have run a 5k, hiked 20 some miles over a glacier, rode a bike for almost 50 miles. NO WAY! But I can now! I need to remember that muscle really does weigh more than fat. I need to remember that happiness and health are much lighter on the soul than chub. Putting on that dress reminded me that I need to honor, love and cherish myself too. Folks, I’m three years into my journey. I know it’s tough out there, but you have to keep your chin up, keep vigilant and above all don’t give up. Even if you blow it for the day, for the week, for last month, god forbid… It doesn’t matter! Tomorrow you have to start over. Keep trying because YOU are worth it.


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