What is that smell?

Jan 29, 2012

 I finally figured out why I can smell the patchouli down the block and the left Overs in the garbage. The neighbor smoking makes me want to gag.   I didn't know sense of smell changes during pregnancy. It's all making SCENTS now. Lol!!

I got on the what to expect when expecting daily emails and I'm really thankful that I'm not going crazy. After reading the 6-6 1/2 weeks section I have to wonder what's playing with me the most. The band or this baby. When I think to myself at the meal just isn't going down or agreeing with me, is it the nausea talking or the band. I'm going to have to start paying a lot more attention to my body.

I also am afraid I'm going to be forced to start drinking ridiculous amounts of water. Since I'm pretty much off the mochas now and I'm not getting in enough fluids. Amazingly, water is starting to even sound good. This is a first!


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