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"I adore Dr. Thomas Brown. He's like Mr. Bean in a way. Dry humor, smiling eyes. I really felt at ease. He just sort of casually sauntered in and started explaining things. He answered all of my questions like we had been friends for years. No nonsense, no little rays of sunshine, just honest to goodness truth. rnrnBut sadly, that is as far as the good times roll. I had some complications after surgery. At only 2 1/2 months out, my port stitches came loose and Dr. Brown refused to fix it for free. This should have been covered!!! It was less than 90 days out from surgery and typically any complicationsd (surgical errors) are remedied by the MD at no charge. This was not the case. My new MD even agrees that he should have been responsible and liable to fix the port stitches.rnrnI was informed by the billing office at CBSI that since I paid the discounted cash pay price of $9900.00 that no complications would be covered. rnrnThis was NOT in the paperwork I signed. NEVER in any of the contracts did it say that since I was paying the lowest fee, I would be getting the lowest quality of car and the lowest amount of service. rnrnI have since transferred care to closer to home. I would NOT recommend going to Dr. Brown as a cash pay patient or if you do, get the additional insurance for cash pay patients that is advertised on this site. If I would have done that, this would not be an issue. I'm going to have to pay an additional $4000 dollars that I don't have to replace the work that should have been covered under the 90 global. This stinks!!!"
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