Journey - 5 weeks out

Sep 30, 2010

It's been 5 weeks since gastric sleeve was done I have went from a size 20 pant to a 14 ,  and have lost 40 pounds.

Journey day 11

Sep 03, 2010

Well today was kind of tough, had a bad night sleeping because I actually got startled and jerked really hard and fell in my pool so I was really sore today.  Didn't do much but sleep today.  I did have 4 of my chike drinks along with the beneprotein in it.......actually starting to get the hunger feeling I don't know if thats good or bad.  I get to start on pureed food on monday and I'm looking forward to adding stuff to my diet.
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Journey day 10

Sep 02, 2010

Well went to the doctor for follow-up and they said I am doing very well...even though I didn't think I was doing well at starting weight was 226 and now i'm at apparently i'm doing something right.  was still concerned about how my intake was but was told it was normal for the first couple of weeks.  Feeling pretty good except get tired quickly.  I am going back to work next tuesday and looking forward to adding pureed food to my diet (something I never thought I would say).

Journey day 9

Aug 31, 2010

Well today is day 9 after surgery.....I still feel really tired, sore, backache and cannot seem to get rid of my mild fever.....Today I had 2 chike meal replacements, 1/2 cup jello, crystal light popsicle, 1/2 cup chicken broth.   but only about 16 ounces of actual water.  I'm kind of nervous because my return appointment is tomorrow and I hope I am on the normal track of healing......I know in the future I will feel that all of this was for the best......I am not a person that likes to be waited on so I have probably done more than I should on my own.

Starting Journey-Help

Aug 29, 2010

Today is day 6 since surgery, I am having trouble getting my protein and water just seems that the timing doesn't work and I'm really not hungry.....I actually went out for the first time today and walked around Sears, westlake and conns took it very slow but it wore me out.  I thought it might help with the back pain because that is my biggest complaint since the surgery.  Anyone with ideas let me know please.

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