highest weight:   253   Total lost    Total from surgery

03-12-2007   250   -3lbs

03-15-2007   240lbs   -13lbs.

03-27-2007   239.5lbs   -14lbs.   Start of liquid diet

04-03-2007  233.0lbs   -20lbs.   1st week of liquid diet

04-10-2007  228.5lbs    -24.5lbs   Day of surgery

04-15-2007   223.5lbs   -29.5lbs    -5lbs   5 days after surgery

04-21-2007   219lbs   -32.5lbs.   -9.5lbs



04-15-2007 5 days after surgery

I am doing better than I every thought. I haven't had a"oh shit what did I do to myself moment yet" My emotion have been ok also. But it is still early in the game. I am not in a lot of pain and haven't had much gas yet it just started today. I am down 29.5lbs. since the begining and 5 since surgery. I am so excited for the journey ahead of me!


04-05-2007 Update

I have my pre-op appointment today. I had my app. with the NUT yesterday. She was amazed on my normal healthy eating habbits so that was cool. I really didn't learn anything new. I had seen a different one for Dr lederer but since I changed places and surgeons I decieded to go to their NUT at HCMC.

Still having problems with getting over Cole I don't remember it ever being this hard I just wish he would be there for me:( Owell time will tell.

I am not to nurvous yet I have been thinking of writing the "if you are reading this I am not on earth anymore" letters But I think that is kinda jenksing(sp) me. I'll see. I can't believe that my surgery is only5 days away it has been such a stressfull journey and now that it gets closer it seems that it was all ment to be this way and I am calm. We'll see if that changes on the table on Tuesday.

The liquid diet is going ok I have only cheated 2 time. once I had a piece of lunch meat the second I have cheese. I love cheese!!!!! But I will not again as I am scared that it will complicate things. Dr Krooks nurse said I could eat turkey and mash potatos on Easter only a little but I am scared to so I won't.

Happy Easter everyone and THANK YOU for all the help and support!!!:):)


03-29-2007  Just a quick update.

I have been on my 3rd liquid diet now for 3 days. All is going well. I miss chewing! I am not nervous yet for surgery bit more excited to get it all over with and start a happy health life. I have been kinda depressed again lately about Cole but I am trying to forget him. A lot easier said then done thats for sure!!!  I have my pre-op physical in one week and then surgery is the following tuesday.  I have set some short term goals today.

1.) To be 225lbs by surgery 04-10-2007

2.)  To be 200lbs by by B-Day party 05-12-2007


03-17-2007  Once again

Well again things all changes. I have been moved to april 10th the first case. He said that it will take atleast 4 hours so he wanted me to be the only one in the morning so I had to move it to the 10th I really like Dr Krook I think maybe this all happened because he was supposed to be my surgeon all along and this is how it happened. Everything happenes for a reason right? Well I get to start my 3rd liquid diet on the 27th so I am on a break right now. 


03-15-2007  WHATT!!!!!!!

 Ok so I get a call from the cord. at HCMC and she tells me that Dr Lederer has had an emergency and is on leave for 2-3 months. What! Well Dr Krook is willing to take over my case the same day same time if I want. I don't know this guy from the hole in you ass and I don't know if I can trust him. So I am meeting with him tomorrow at 3pm. I hope all goes well! 


03-15-2007  SOO much better!

  Well I for some reason have lost 10lbs since I started my liquid diet only 4 days ago? I don't get it either but bring it on! I am in a much better mood today. Cole finally diciede to grow up and talk to me again. we are not back together and I don't know now if I want to be, He really hurt me, But we are friends and thats what I kneed right now to surround myself in people that love me for me. Can't wait to get the offical weight in at my preop phys next wednesday! I'll keep you posted.


03-13-07 1Sst day of liquid diet.

  Well it is not as bad as I thought because of the fact that I can't eat anything. It all started lastnight. Cole still will not talk to me and I am just super upset about this I miss him and just want to be with him so badly I can't even eat. I know this is really bad expecially right before surgery but I just am not hungry at all. Food discuss me. I discuss me! Well hopefully it will get better.



03-12-07 Date set!

  Well I have a date. 03-26-07 2 weeks from today. I am excited and nervous at the same time.I just want it to be today and get it over with so my new life can start! Thank you all for your support and answers to my many questions.


03-08-2007 Approved

 Well after all that stress and the loss of my boyfriend and my true love I am approved. My case manager who is the only good thing BCBS ever had called me to let me know that she just finished my review and she said I am approved and the next step is to set a date. I am going to call tomorrow to set the date. She hadn't even called the surgeon yet when she called me. I was at cub when i got the call and had to run out so I could scream in joy I cant believe it, I am realy going to do this. I am on the way to loserville ;)


03-07-2007 Update

Well I met with Dr Lederer yesterday. Man does he make my worries go away. He said that he is going to give his insurance staff at HCMC all my paper work and ask them what we should do. He said that either He calls and updates the location  or we could resubmit the whole thing. I should have a responce from my appeal by the 21st of March and if we send in the resubmit then they have 10 working days to give me a decision. so that will be the 23rd if sent in this friday. Either way It look like my surgery is pushed back and will not be until the mid to end of april. Kinda bummin about that but what do you do?! 


03-06-2007  Finnaly someone wants to help!

Well this weekend my surgeon called, Yes that is right he accually called me himself. I was Shocked. Well in a nut shell he said is he is sick of the SH#$ that the BCBS is putting me through and that he is calling the medical director himself and putting his foot down. I have an appointment with him tomorrow and we are going over all my stuff and doing a reweigh. He was switch my surgery to HCMC do to the chance of complications. I am kinda releaved I think I fgeel safer at HCMC then I do at Riverside.

Oh and off the beaten path I went snowmobeling for the 1st time in 6 years and man did I forget how much I loved it. Why did I ever stop?


 03-01-2007 Bummin

Well all I can think about it Cole. I can't stop thinking about him and how happy we used to be and how happy he mad me everday we were together. Today is NOT a good day. Oh and I am trying to deciede if I want to switch hospitals. I will keep the same surgeon but instead of Riverside I might go to HCMC.


02-20-2007 Finnaly

I have a date March 27th.I am soooooo excited I can't wait!!!:):)


02-16-2007 NOT GOOD!:(

Well last night my boyfriend broke up with me. He said that I have changed and have let this surgery consume my life. He is not in love with the person I have become from being this overweight. I know it is not the weight itself but the depression it has sent me into and the bitchiness that I have acted towards him. He was my support and I will miss him so much. He had made me so happy and because of my weight once again it has ruined the only good thing in my life.


02-14-2007 A little more hope!

I was informed that I have early degenerative joint disease and both my PCP and women doc are writing letters of necessity to my insurance to send with my appeal.


02-02-2007 Some hope

Well I have some hope. I found out yesterday that I have moderate sleep apnea requiring a CPAP machine. Today to boot I found out that I have early degenerative joint disease.

I know its weird to be happy about this at the age of 24 but it was my only hope to have WLS. I see a spark of light at the end of the tunnel that was dark for so long!!!


01-17-2007 DENIED

Well I was denied. Even tho I work for BCBS I believe they are the worst insurance company out there. It has been nothing but a run around and the people they send my to do not know more then the person who sent me to them. They are very rude and unprofessional, OK done with the vent if anyone has any info about appealing please help me out.



Well I am still waiting for an ok by the insurance company but I did get an attentive date of Dec 19th. I am nrevous and excited.




Well I am getting nervous. I am waiting for the ok from the insurance company. I hope to have WLS 2 weeks before xmas.Dr Lederer's nurse said that she sees no reason I could not be in before the end of the year. I want to get it in beofre the 1st of the year for insurance reasons. Less Money for me!! wish me luck



Well all my paper work was just sent into the insurance company BCBSMN. Wish me luck


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