Well, my first post!!!  I am hoping to have surgery.  I'm 5'4 weighing in at a whopping 237 lbs.  Not my biggest either.  I am tired of being tired. I'm tired of having to go in the big girls section to purchase clothes.  I'm tired of being depressed.  I'm tired of having low to NO self-esteem.  I'm tired of being fat!  I am just tired of being tired.  So, here I am trying what I feel is my last hope for happiness as it relates to my weight.  

I've been on this site for a couple of months.  Mainly just reading different posts and looking at before and after pictures.  I just have to say that this site ROCKS!!!  Everyone is so supportive of each other.  I can't tell you how many times I've cried due to your support and encouraging words to one another.  Tears of joy......

My thyroid has been abnormal for about 10 years.  During the last few years they have been getting better.  I worried that my insurance company would deny me if they were not in normal range.  Happy to report.....My thyroid tests were normal!! WOO HOO!!!!!  GOD is great!!!

I will be submitting my paperwork to my surgeon's staff this week for insurance submission for approval.  I will post back when I hear something. 



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