Amir Moazzez

"Update 4/16/2015! Wow, it's been over 8 years since my surgery. I'm still doing well. I'm at 147 lbs. I'd like to lose about 15 lbs. I'm working on it. My weight gain is due to an accident in which my foot was pretty much severed. So I've not been as mobile.I've since had my 6th surgery and hope that's the last. Now, I'm back up and active! I'm very please with the WLS tool. Many don't understand this concept, but this is a tool and we have to do our part to make it work. Having WLS isn't going to benefit you if you do not follow the the proper guidelines given to you. At any rate, I love Dr. Moazzez! He is a great doctor!"

Amir Moazzez

"Update!! 11/17/07rnI LOVE YOU DR. MOAZZEZ! My life has changed. I feel so much better now that the weight is off. I was at 244 lbs and am now at 146 lbs! Only 20 more to go! (12/19/06 surgery date)rnrnUPDATE!! 05/06/2007 rnAlthough the weight is coming off slow, I am still grateful!! I am down 60lbs!!!! YEA!!!rnrnUpdate!! 3/13/2007rnMy life has changed so much. I am now down 46lbs!!!! I actually went jogging with my 11yr old son. How cool is that!!! Thank you Dr. Moazzez for helping me get my life back. I love you and your wonderful staff!!!rnrnUpdate!! 1-14-2007rnMy surgery was uneventful. It was great! Dr. Moazzez is a great man! I love him. He has given me a wonderful gift/tool to work with.rnrn11/01/2006 rnWell, to be honest the first thing I thought when I first met him was that....he was a very nice looking man! Okay, once I got past that impression of him was that he was very pleasant and knowledgeable. I had been to several other seminars, but his was the most informative. Not only did I obtain a wealth of valuable information, but he was very patient. He did not seem t mind answering all the questions from the audience. My impression has just gotten better. His staff is Great!! During my one on one, he was yet even more informative. He is great! He is very serious about his pre-op plan. His after care program is awesome. I have appointments set up till June 17, 2007! He is very compassionate and doesn't make you feel bad. He also has a great sense of humor. I rate him a 10!!! I have not had my surgery yet (12/19/07). I continue to hear nothing short of great stries regarding his work! His bedside manner....what can I say....Great!!!!"

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital

"The staff was very professional and caring. Everyone had a great sense of humor and made me feel comfortable. Also, the hospital is very clean. A must for me!!"
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