Hey everybody!!! I am a 24 y/o southern young lady who has grown up on the DELICIOUSLY FATTENING "SOUL FOOD " of the Dirty South ..Dont get me wrong I LOVE who I am & where I come from, but I just let it get the best of me.   For as long as I can remember, I have been overweight and even though many say I carried my weight well, I know it's unhealthy & I needed to take control of it.  I was diagnosed with hypertension at age 18 & currently take 3 blood pressure pills daily.  I also have high cholesterol and joint pain.  Ive also suffered from low self esteem and self-worth related to weight issues which led to some more unhealthy decisions that I made.  Im a nurse and Im on my feet alot, but my body just couldn't keep up with the profession I LOVE so much.  To have WLS was a very personal decision for me but after lots of research I feel it was the best for me at this point in my life.  Im single with no children & I feel like I have to get myself together FIRST before I can give myself fully to anyone or anything else.  God is on my side & my faith and trust in Him will help me continue to prosper.  Best wishes to anyone struggling to lose weight & may God be with u no matter what choice u make.........

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