One Step, One Day, Repeat as Necessary

Aug 14, 2009

 Today, I am renewing my journey, I have one hurdle to jump over and it is a big one. I was told by my doctor that I HAD to lose 20 lbs. before he would do surgery. We saw him on the 9th of July. I had left the office stunned. I never thought with all of the things that could go wrong this was not even in my head. Why did he think I was there? I have been having a terrible time losing weight. Fast forward to two weeks later. I finally finished pouting and was determined to do what I had to do. Slowly the scale was going in the right direction. I was down 12lbs. and stayed there. I became discouraged. My wife finished her tasks and was just waiting for the green light! Me I was close but...... A week goes by I think I am doing well but can't get my head back into it. Weigh day. I am up 4 lbs. How can this be ?I didn't think I did badly. So here I am writing this as a way to put it in black and white and trying to push this boulder up the hill again. One Step, One Step, tomorrow One Step, beginning with coffee to chat with friends who have been there and done that.

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