March 14, 2009

Mar 14, 2009

I am now almost 2 weeks post-op.  Feeling pretty good.  I am finding it a challenge to get in all my fluids.  I find that I am sipping all the time. 

My clothes are starting to get looser. Things that were skin tight are loose.  It is a good feeling.  I have had my first WOW moment today.  My husband and I weighed today.  For the first time I actually weigh less than him, by 4 pounds.  My sister, Janis, who I know was concerned about this surgery but didn't really voice it is so much now my cheerleader.  She is almost more excited than I am.  It so warms my heart that my family and my co-workers have been so supportive and encouraging.  I am truly blessed. 

Til later, Connie

I have hit the big 50!!

Oct 16, 2008

I have survived turning 50.  The anticipation almost made me depressed.  Never did I ever think that by the time I turned 50 would I still be obese.  Well, I am 50 and I am obese.  The only difference is that I am now on the path to make a change in one of those things.  I can't change being 50, but I can work towards my goal of a right weight through gastric bypass surgery.  Oh my, the anticipation.
On tour trip to Montana (to spend time with my family on this half century celebration) my husband amazed me.  When we boarded the  airplane, I instantly had a fear of the seat belt.  Do you understand that fear.  Would it fit or not, what kind of a plane is this, some seats and belts are bigger than others.  I just dread that part.  I sat down and sure enough, the belt was about a half inch to small.  The shame and embarrassment filled my chest, I felt panicked.  But then my wonderful husband sitting next to me quietly got up and went to the attendant to ask for a seat belt extension.  He did it very discretely  and brought it back to me without anyone noticing.  As he handed it to me he said, "Just think, the next time we fly this won't even be a worry for you".  I thought "AH HA, he's gets it."  He is on my side.  He knows my frustration and what this means to me.  I told him later how very much those few words meant to me.        My true love.....

So, I am still on my path.   Have seen the nutritionist 4 times.  Had my UGI and just have to do get the cardiac workup.  I am on my way...PRAISE GOD!!

My Journey so far.....October 1, 2008

Sep 30, 2008

It is now Wednesday October 1, 2008. 
I am in the midst of preparing for Laparscopic Gastric Bypass.  It is an emotional journey.  I have completed the Upper Gi to see what the extent of my hiatal hernia is.  But after the test, developed a allergic reaction to the barium you have to drink.  Had to take benadryl, and now all is well.  Seems like every week something else comes up. 
On Saturday I entered and walked in the Walk from Obesity in Tacoma.  I tried to walk the path, got better than half way but my foot that has hurt off and on for the last few weeks hurt even more.  I went to the doctor and am going to have another test to see if I have a stress fracture.  It was a relief to know that something actually was wrong and that I wasn't a total failure at the Walk.  I did get embarrassed.  My husband and I had a wonderful conversation and some good communication that day.  He finally sees how important this is to me, and that I need him to be involved and be supportive. 
So, life goes on.  I'll take it one day at a time.  Go to see my nutritionist on Thursday.  I haven't been keeping a food journal to accurate but have started journaling how I feel, especially when it comes to food and when I eat.  One step at a time.....I'll just keep plugging along. 

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I have hit the big 50!!
My Journey so far.....October 1, 2008