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It just dawned on me today is the 8th year since I had my surgery. I’m still weighing in at 115 sometimes down 2 pounds sometimes up but I jump back in and adjust my food intake.

It’s been a long road and at times I regretted it. I’m bei

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One Year Ago.... - Just a short thank you to my friends on O.H who helped me during this journey. I currently weigh 115 goal was 120 start weight 204. It has not been an easy journey but having a g...

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Bummed out NSV - My Mom passed away a year ago and I started wearing her wedding band. Yesterday my husband who still smokes asked me to toss the butt out of the window....yep along with that went ...

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O.T IS IT ME OR NOW CAN'T USE IPAD FOR FORUM? - Tried using IPad like before and can no longer text it in! Using my phone now pffft and don't like it. Is it me or the new forum? Any help would be appreciated.

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NSV Boot Whoring Lol - I have always had a problem with dress boots made with zippers. Last week I decided to go into Nordstrom after receiving the catalog. Saw a beautiful pair in saddle, that's when I...

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Hey Chi-town Sista, How are you? Sorry it took long computer...

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4 Months Yay - Happy 4 month anniversary to me and all the November, 15th sleevers!!!! Can`t say it was easy and there were days I wanted to curl up and die! Days turned to months and before I k...
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