Happy birthday to me?

Nov 07, 2013

I weigh 148 lbs.  I can't even remember ever weighing 148!  The 140's were probably an area I lived in briefly as I climbed through to a much higher weight in my early 20's.  But I don't remember how it felt to be this weight. 

My body feels so strange to me now.  Bony in certain areas, bonier than I ever felt when I was younger.  And saggy in other areas.  And even though I'm only 13 lbs. away from goal I still have significant fat on my back and lower stomach.  As in fat that I can grab and manipulate.  It's just all very....odd! 

The good news is that I should be on track to hit my goal weight of 135 by my birthday on Dec. 23rd.  Woohoo!  There will be champagne for sure :-) 

After assessing the fat that still lives on my back and my stomach, I may need to shoot for a slightly lower goal of 130. I'll see when I get there.  And I'll absolutely redo the underwater body fat testing to see if I've come close to achieving 25% total body fat.   THAT is the true measure of success for me. 


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