Jan 02, 2014

The scale on Tuesday, Dec. 31st said 134.8 so I am claiming GOAL!!  In 7 months and 1 week, I was able to lose 83 lbs.; exactly 100 lbs. from where I started this journey a year ago.   It took 3-4 days of a nasty flu bug to budge me off the stall I had been on for a couple weeks...but I was able to eat and stay fully hydrated during that time so I am claiming this as a VICTORY  

I wish I had taken measurements and pictures a year ago.  As I was flipping through my 2013 calendar today I saw where I had made a note  back on August 24th (3 months post-op):  size 16 jeans, XL top, weight 170.8.  I'm now wearing size 10 jeans (could probably do an 8) and a medium top - that's a LOT of change in 4 months, people!  I will make sure to get hubby to take pics this weekend and will post them quickly.  

For those who are wondering, I just turned 52 years old, height is 5 ft. 2-3/4 in. (yes, that 3/4" is important) and my BMI is 24.1.  I had been morbidly obese for most of the last 25 years.  I am shooting for a final weight of 130 with 135 being the "red zone" where I go back into weight-loss mode.

I can't begin to list all the NSV's:  lower resting heart rate, lower b/p, no more diabetes meds, healthy liver enzyme tests, spectacularly good cholesterol/triglyceride level, no more snoring, much-improved sleep quality, no more joint pain, more confident/energetic and just more fun to be around.  People walk by me and don't recognize me (sometimes that's OK - ha!) and I finally don't hate the way I look in pictures, so I'm in more family photos.  Someone showed me one from Christmas Eve and I had to do a double-take because I didn't recognize myself - lol.   And all the clothes NSV's - oh my!   

I am eternally grateful that I found this website when I was two weeks post-op.  Without all the incredible advice and encouragement from vets and newbies alike, I would never have achieved such fast results.  My surgeon's post-op food plan was too loosey-goosey for me; I like structure and the 600-800 calories, 80 plus grams of protein and 40 or less carbs per day worked perfectly for me.  It would have been possible to reach goal faster but I had to do my experimenting with protein bars, nuts, diet soda and then I fell into some sugar face-first the week before Christmas (hard lesson learned).  

The VSG is a wonderful tool...but it's only one of the many tools I use.  A powerful tool?  Yes, but by itself I would still have found a way to f*ck this thing up.  I needed expert medical advice and follow-up, therapy with someone who knows about food addiction and the fellowship of Overeater's Anonymous.  Unfortunately, my bariatric support group is pretty worthless and full of people who say things like, "...and I can almost eat a whole Happy Meal now at 1 year out!".....ugh. I swear it's Midwest mentality! And of course this site as well as My Fitness Pal have been critical tools in keeping me on track and accountable.  

As much as I'm inwardly celebrating right now, this journey is never over.  The first leg of my trip is about complete; it's time to take a long breath and emotionally prep myself for the longer, much harder journey.  Like Frisco says, the VSG is really a tool for being able to maintain your weight in maintenance.  I will always be a compulsive eater and will need to be vigilant so I don't relapse with the sugar/white flour/diet soda.  I have to remember to respectfully use this tool as it was intended as well as work all the other tools I have been given.  

Newbies are probably wondering if I experienced any negatives on this part of my journey - the answer is yes.  1.  Hair loss - major loss and not stopping; wig has been ordered.  2.  Excess skin - not as bad on the tummy as I envisioned, but there is a neck lift in my future!  Boob job?  Probably need that too.  3. Acid reflux - manageable now but bad enough in the beginning that I was having regrets.  4.  Getting WAY frustrated when people who are taller and weigh 30-40-50 lbs. more than me are getting into MUCH smaller clothing sizes.  Damn, that one still gets me :-(

The way I've handled the negatives:  ACCEPTANCE TODAY IS THE ANSWER TO ALL MY PROBLEMS!  (A little 12-step slogan :-)   If someone had said to me 1 year ago, 5 years ago, 10 or 20 years ago,"I'm going to wave my magic wand and you will lose 100 lbs....BUT...you'll have to live with all the negatives listed above", I would still have JUMPED at the opportunity to lose that 100 lbs.  

Thanks again to all my comrades-in-arms as we make our way into a much happier and healthier 2014 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!  


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