Body Fat Percentage - Update!

Jun 24, 2014

After completing almost 11 weeks of hardcore exercise 6 days a week, I went back to my local university to have my body fat retested in the underwater tank.  They tested it at my gym but they use the electronic hand-held monitor and it was logging my body fat almost 4% higher than when I started their program, which of course totally pissed me off   I'm convinced that those monitors don't do a good job on people who've got a lot of excess skin from WLS.   

I actually weighed in 4 lbs. less than when I was there in February (nice!).  And my body fat came in at 22.6% - yahooooo! That's a loss of 4% body fat since February's test! Best of all, I gained 1.5 lbs of precious, beautiful muscle in the last 11 weeks.  For those of you that know anything about fitness, you know how incredibly difficult it is to gain muscle when your calories and carbs are severely restricted.  I can't begin to eat the amount of food, calories and carbs that the trainers believe a woman my size should eat for building muscle.  I just stuck to my own food plan and proved that it can be done.   

I will continue with this exercise program and will go back for another round of underwater body fat testing in 6 months to see if I've hit my goal of 20% body fat.  I'm not really interested in losing any more weight at this point but I can see myself settling in at 130# with 135# as my "red flag" to go back to weight-loss mode.  


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