Decision made -- committing to a new goal weight

Aug 27, 2014

When I got to 134.8 lbs on Dec. 31st of last year I couldn't even imagine wanting to lose more weight.  I was experiencing diet "fatigue" and just wanted to figure out how to live my life as a normal-size woman.   I set 135-140 as my "comfort zone" and had no problem staying there.  I started a pretty rigorous exercise program in April of this year and after 3 months of consistent exercise my new normal settled in at 132 lbs.  So I set a new "comfort zone" of 131-135, which I've managed to maintain for the most part.  

Today I weighed myself and I'm at 134.8 but it feels different than it did back in December.  After all the hard work I've done to tone up my body and decrease my body fat percentage, 135 lbs. feels a bit "fluffy"...if that makes any sense.  With my arms and legs in great condition I can clearly see that there's still excess fat around my middle.  And no,  it's not excess skin; that skin hangs low and loose while the "fluff" sits higher in the abdomen area and is pretty firm.  I should probably note here too that I am 5'2.5" tall and claim 5'3" on a good day ;-)   

So, I've decided to go for it - my new goal is 125 lbs. and 18% body fat.  I'm not going to cut back to previous WL mode levels of 800 calories and 40 carbs, I just can't do that any more.  But I will cut back to around 1200 calories and 80 carbs so I can ease my way into the new weight range.  I'd love to be close to the new goal at my 18-month post-op appointment in November but I know my doctor will be thrilled regardless.  

When I started this whole journey I just wanted to get below 180 lbs. because I hadn't seen the 170's since my early 20's.  And now I'm looking at getting back to the weight I was in high school.   Never, ever, ever in a million years could have predicted that.  WOW!      


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