The last few years of my life have been far from boring. First off, I met the man of my dreams in 2005. He lived in Flaherty Ky (near Fort Knox) and I lived in London, Ky (southeast ky). We were 2 1/2 hours apart and lived that way for 2 years. I decided to quit my job of 8 years in the medical field and move here to be with him since I couldnt bring myself to live without him. He is a pet groomer and owns 2 businesses so it was much easier for me to move than for him.
In Dec of 2006, Frankie had gastric bypass (RNY) which forever changed his life. He is now 16 months pre-op and has lost 157 lbs and is doing great. I too wanted bypass but my insurance wouldnt allow it. Between Dec of 06 & The later part of 2007 I had a couple different insurances but none of them allowed gastric bypass.
In Nov of 2007 I decided to pay for my own insurance with Ky Access so that I could have surgery, I did all the pre-op things we have to go thru including the 3 month diet & exercise program. Boy, how those months dragged on! December rolled around & on Christmas Day Frankie asked me to marry him! What a surprise, I was so excited. Of course I said YES! As the winter months rolled on, I continued my efforts to seek approval for surgery and come the end of March I had finished my 3 month program, went to Dr. Shina's seminar in April  and low & behold, 2 weeks later I got approval!! What a whirlwind of events. My surgery date was May 16th 2008.
Frankie & I have set a date for our wedding, it is September 21 2008. I cannot tell you how excited & happy & thrilled & lucky I am to have such a wonderful man in my life. He is the best and to have someone who has been thru the same thing such as this surgery is so great.
All I can do at this point is sit back & watch my life go thru many more changes.

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