2 week update

Nov 02, 2006

one week post op appt went great healing well very little soreness! moved on to blended diet due to horrible tummy rumbley every couple hours . first fill scheduled for the 28th .
2 weeks post op couldnt be happier no pain no soreness just a little tender around port and itchy :) benadryl cream seems to help the itchies around the incisions they used the super glue on me and it has finally fallen off looks like little to no scaring so far so good  the scale isnt moving and  I know thats normal but pooop I am not a  patient person I have little to no restriction and I am sure that will change when I get the fill I can tolerate most any foods just keeping my portions small ususally 1/2 C  even ate blended beef stew yummy but geez its amazing how long it takes to chew a piece of meat usually dont end up finishing it cause my mouth is tired LOL  Isnt that a kick I dont think i have ever chewed before . I guess thats all for now

Yipeee it's over

Oct 20, 2006

I am banded ! felling sore and well gaasy but its not comming out my meds are makin me woozy and naucious and my throat is killing me ITS A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE !!!! and Iam doing the happy dance Slowly but doin it LOL thanks everyone for your support more later 

9/18/06 weight 332
10/6/06 weight 318 pre op liqueds begin
10/19/06 surgery day 305 
10/27 one week post op 302
11/2/06 week 2 post op 302
11/21  week 5 first fill  292   40 lbs whoo hoo 
12/11 week 8  weight 285      47 lbs

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