Just another day in Paradise

Dec 10, 2007

Well I am now 3 months and a few days out from surgery.  I think I have lost 47 pounds now.  I really think I look different in the face anyway.  It is that time of year for the goodies to come out, and I will just do my best with them.  I plan on eating some, but not all the time like I would have done in past years.  First Christmas party went well, but this week it is in Savannah and they have some goooood food there.  Oh well this is why I chose to have GSV instead of RNY, I like to have my sweets and eat them too.

After Thanksgiving

Nov 27, 2007

Well I made it through my first holiday.  I had a few goodies but not enough to make myself crazy.  I decided to go back to the first of the year and put in  my weight loss for the year so far, I can't believe I have lost 55 pounds since January 1.  I am so glad that I had the surgery, I know I would never have done it myself.  Now if I could just get into that exercise....

Almost 3 moths out

Nov 19, 2007

Well with almost 3 months behind me I have to say I feel great.  Chicken can still give me issues but the last couple of weeks have been good.  I am getting in lots of protein maybe not 70 grams but close most days, water is a day to day thing.  I was on a cruise for 17 days with a couple of extra days in Venice Italy and came home 4 pounds less, what a great vacation.  I do worry about the holidays and my eating, but have decided it is what it is.  I will do my best, but I will not deprive myself of anything.  I am really glad I chose to have the sleeve done and not the band as I first had decided. 

One week out

Sep 08, 2007

Well I made it through the first week.  I get close to my 70 gram of protein but 100 oz of water, come on.  I do about 64 oz a day, so I feel good with that.  Tuesday I get to stop blending food and eat it regular.  I am still a bit confused on soft food, how the heck do you eat soft chicken??  I am going to try dark meat chicken and see how I do.  I really don't get that hungry and I could just grab a cup of tea or a glass of water and any hunger I have is gone.  I will be glad to have this chewable vitamins done at the end of the month. Yuck.

this surgery is no cake walk

Sep 02, 2007

Well Friday was my surgery day.  I spent all Friday night with the dry heaves so I was really sore.  Saturday was a full nausea day.  Dr. Perez says this surgery is know for nausea.... Sunday I had no nausea but even drinking is like trying to get a gallon of water down with every sip.  I can start purred foods today,as if anything even sounds good.

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